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Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
virus001 (1980) Cassette - out of print | LP - out of print | CD - out of print

April 15th, 2002 is the last day we are allowed to sell this ! (and you have to pay collector-scum prices!) Debut album. The classic album. The original one. Licensed from Cherry Red records since the early 80's until April 15th, 2002. This is coming out on another label on April 30th.

Arguablly one of the most important and influential (and still controversial) punk bands ever, and founders of the Alternative Tentacles label. What else can we say? Their full-length debut. The classic album. The one with the hits. The one everyone wants. Hey.



1. "Kill the Poor" (3:03)
2. "Forward to Death" (1:22)
3. "When Ya Get Drafted" (1:22)
4. "Let's Lynch the Landlord" (2:10)
5. "Drug Me" (1:54)
6. "Your Emotions" (1:19)
7. "Chemical Warfare" (2:54)
8. "California Über Alles" (3:00)
9. "I Kill Children" (2:02)
10. "Stealing People's Mail" (1:33)
11. "Funland at the Beach" (1:47)
12. "Ill in the Head" (2:43)
13. "Holiday in Cambodia" (4:32)
14. "Viva Las Vegas" (2:36)

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Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys

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