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From Where The Sun Now Stands I Will Fight No More, Forever
virus283 (2002) LP - $8.00 - temp. unavailable | CD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
From out of the annals of punk history come DRUNK INJUNS, the heavyweights of skate punk bands. As mysterious as the Residents, this offering of DRUNK INJUNS' early recordings circa 1983-84, packs a powerful 1-2 punch with searing guitars, a heavy driving back-beat, and mature, introspective messages delivered in a unique vocal style. While emerging from the same culture that spawned the typically anthemic skate punk sound, DRUNK INJUNS have a unique sonic signature to be filed under "brooding," "moody" and "caustic."

Imagine bands like the Dead Boys, Joy Division, the Ramones, Sleepers, Hank Williams, Negative Trend, Rik L Rik, and the Doors rolled up into one with a vicious twist.

Vocalist/Producer Mörizen Föche, aka Mofo, originally created and directed Thrasher magazine's Skate Rock compilation series, and was ultimately responsible for identifying the musical phenomenon in a series of magazine articles, and is credited with coining the term "Skate Rock".

DRUNK INJUNS perform in costume as Indian ghost warriors. Rumored to have perished in plane crash in North Dakota. Most talked about skaterock band on boardroom.

"Too Punk to Live - Too Tough To Die"




1. "Mental Holocaust" ()
2. "Question Authority" ()
listen to "Question Authority"   MP3 (1.7 MB)
3. "Your Mama" ()
4. "Program" ()
5. "Bad Kid" ()
6. "She Gots A Gun" ()
listen to "She Gots A Gun"   MP3 (3.9 MB)
7. "For Real" ()
listen to "For Real"   MP3 (2.0 MB)
8. "Y-Camp" ()
9. "Heal Me" ()
10. "Pumpshank" ()
11. "Ancestors : Gods Of Sound" ()
12. "Treasures Of Mankind (plus hidden bonus track "Juanita")" ()

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Drunk Injuns

Drunk Injuns

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