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virus282 (2002) CD - out of print

Second in our Skate-Punk series! Seminal skaterock band from San Jose, CA (1980-1983) heavily influenced by the first wave of punk rock (Stooges, NY Dolls, Dead Boys, Radio Birdman, Saints, etc.,) LOS OLVIDADOS were the Northern California equivalent of T.S.O.L., Agent Orange, the Adolescents, and others from Orange County who rose to popularity during the formative years of West Coast punk. Although featured on the AT/MRR comp Not So Quiet On The Western Front and the early Thrasher magazine Skaterock Comps (#1 & #2), the band self-destructed before a full-length album would see the light of day--that is, until we included it in our Skate-Rock Re-issue Series. Even at 20 years old, this stuff still sounds so vital and youthful that you'll have no choice but to dust off your deck, drain the pool, and skate!

Collection of never before heard original studio recordings; some material culled from the vaults.


LP limited to 1,000.

Guitarist/Producer Mike Fox aka "Whölley Smökes" went on to found HEMI (Skaterock #8), and do time in the DWARVES during the Epitaph years ("Young and Good Looking", "Come Clean").

Bassist Ray Stevens went on to join The FACTION (Skaterock #1), and ODD MAN OUT (Skaterock #6) before founding the current skaterock band CLAY WHEELS which have been featured on Blue Torch TV.

"An Amazing Release and an Amazing Reunion"

- Maximum Rocknroll



1. "Listen to You" ()
2. "Something New" ()
3. "So Dull" ()
listen to "So Dull"   MP3 (2.3 MB)
4. "Bang Bang You're Dead" ()
listen to "Bang Bang You're Dead"   MP3 (2.0 MB)
5. "Assassin Of Youth" ()
6. "Don't Cry" ()
7. "Goin' Down" ()
8. "Pay Salvation" ()
listen to "Pay Salvation"   MP3 (1.9 MB)
9. "Personal Genocide" ()
10. "Home Is Where The Heart Is" ()
11. "Their Eyes" ()
12. "Death Trap" ()
13. "Give Me Liberty Or Gimmie A Gun" ()

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Los Olvidados

Los Olvidados

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