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virus281 FREE BEER
The Only Beer That Matters
virus281 (2002) CD - out of print

1st in our Skate-Punk series!

FREE BEER was brewed in Dec. 1981 as a master plan of a young Bay Area Brewmaster who blended the ingredients together from two of the then youngest San Francisco punk bands on the scene in 1979/80. FREE BEER is: 3/5ths Revenge, 1/5th ALA (Anti-L.A.) and 1/5th Innocent Bystander.

FREE BEER included teenage skateboarder/musician brothers Tony (Guitar) and Tommy (Bass) Guerrero who were just a part of the short list of founding fathers of the budding musical and cultural movement known as Skate-Rock, pioneered by youth driven by their passion for skating and music that captured the thrill of the sport because "Nothing else mattered." All of the band members, Mike Cassidy (Vocals), Dan Magee (Guitar) and Steve Tatum (Drums) were practically raised on skateboards and it was the inevitable converging of punk rock and skateboarding that brought them together eventually to form FREE BEER.

Features legendary pro skater and Mowax recording artist Tommy Guerrero, his older brother Tony, and their pals Mike, Dan and Steve who are all no one in particular!

Collection of never before heard studio and live tracks from material culled from the archives of Mother Guerrero's vaults.

Art work and photos by legendary skate photographers Mofo and Bryce 'BK' Kanights and original logo art by Ex-Pro Skater Keith 'Slasher' Meek.

LP limited to 1,000.



1. "Pigs In Space" ()
2. "Start The Ark" ()
3. "Disaster" ()
4. "My $ Or My Car" ()
5. "I Hate Sobriety" ()
6. "We Can Do What Ever We Want (Drink As Much As We Want)" ()
listen to "We Can Do What Ever We Want (Drink As Much As We Want)"   MP3 (2.1 MB)
7. "Get Out" ()
listen to "Get Out"   MP3 (1.3 MB)
8. "Filthy Rich" ()
listen to "Filthy Rich"   MP3 (1.8 MB)
9. "Memories" ()
10. "Premature Enlistment" ()
listen to "Premature Enlistment"   MP3 (1.5 MB)
11. "Tuna Epic" ()
12. "Silent Scream (Live)" ()
13. "Trapped Inside (3-D Movie) (Live)" ()
14. "We Can Do What Ever We Want (Live)" ()
15. "We Are Free Beer (We got The Beer)" ()

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Free Beer

Free Beer

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