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In A Pig's Eye - Reflections on the Police State, Repression and native America
virus280 (2002) 2xCD - $13.00

Question : How did the Black Panthers go from a powerful grassroots movement to a drug and strife ridden organization with its best leaders dead? What happened to the American Indian Movement (AIM)?

Answer: Counterinsurgency, American style. State financed, illegal methods of framing, blaming and murdering activists has quite a history. From anti-labor Pinkerton thugs, the Palmer raids on Anarchists, to infiltration of anti-globalization protests, CHURCHILL sends activists a warning.

WARD CHURCHILL is Co-Director of the American Indian Movement (AIM) of Colorado, a National Spokesperson for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and an associate professor of American Indian Studies and Communications at the University of Colorado/Boulder. Some of his many books are:"The Cointelpro Papers","A Little Matter of Genocide, Agents of Repression", and"Pacifism as Pathology".

(Cool artwork by John Yates).



A-1. "Christian Parenti Introduction" (2:22)
A-2. "Hello My Relatives" (1:54)
A-3. "The Anniversary Of Pine Ridge" (1:44)
A-4. "A 500-Year War" (2:58)
A-5. "Thev Richest People In America" (3:26)
A-6. ".....Or Poorest" (5:01)
A-7. "A Nation Of Their Own" (3:41)
A-8. "Investigating The FBI" (2:57)
listen to "Investigating The FBI"   MP3 (2.7 MB)
A-9. "Function Of The Bureau" (2:26)
A-10. "The Birth Of COINTELPRO" (6:53)
listen to "The Birth Of COINTELPRO"   MP3 (6.3 MB)
A-11. "Some Really Nasty Stuff" (3:06)
listen to "Some Really Nasty Stuff"   MP3 (1.1 MB)
A-12. "You Have A Police State" (5:51)
A-13. "Luster Of A Pinkerton Man" (3:09)
listen to "Luster Of A Pinkerton Man"   MP3 (2.5 MB)
A-14. "Badges For Vigilantes" (2:10)
A-15. "Contract Repression" (5:31)
A-16. "The FBI Warms Up" (1:39)
listen to "The FBI Warms Up"   MP3 (1.5 MB)
A-17. "Getting Mr. Garvey" (4:21)
B-1. "The Land Of Free Speech" (4:16)
B-2. "Infiltrators" (3:29)
B-3. "Operation Hoodwink" (2:20)
B-4. "FBI/KKK" (2:59)
B-5. "A Mistake Made In Mississippi" (3:32)
B-6. "?????" ()
B-7. "#'s Security Threat" (3:01)
B-8. "Repression Evolves" (3:23)
B-9. "An Awesome Violence" (1:52)
B-10. "Breaking Resistance" (3:40)
B-11. ""I'd Have Blown Their Brains Out"" (4:04)
listen to ""I'd Have Blown Their Brains Out""   MP3 (4.4 MB)
B-12. "Our Obligation" (4:04)
B-13. "Peltier's Freedom" (3:42)
B-14. "Truth Is Advertising" (7:08)
B-15. "Who Profits? / Strategy?" (7:46)
listen to "Who Profits? / Strategy?"   MP3 (7.1 MB)
B-16. "What Can Be Done?" (2:21)
listen to "What Can Be Done?"   MP3 (2.2 MB)

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