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The Big Ka-Boom, Part One
virus276 (2002) LP - $8.00 - temp. unavailable | CD - $10.00
Jello Biafra's follow-up to Become The Media . Jello talks about the world after the terrorism attacks of 9/11/01.

Artwork by John Yates .

Big Ka-Boom, Part One is the seventh installment in Jello Biafra's spoken word career. It was recorded in November 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin on a leg of the Spitfire Tour.

It comes with an amazing fold-out poster with news paper articles and odd photos (for which Jello is fampous for doing on all of his albums - even the early DK albums...). (LP version has it as well.)

Before September 11, 2001 came to an end, people were already contacting Alternative Tentacles wanting to know what Jello Biafra had to say about it. His live shows since have focused more and more on the war on terrorism and civil liberties, and hence we have decided to release some of it as soon as possible.

Like his classic anti-Gulf War single, Die For Oil, Sucker, this is an emergency release that pulls no punches.

It is only 1 CD this time and focuses entirely on the September 11 terrorist attacks and the even-uglier aftermath. Jello digs up the dirt on George W. Bush's staff and details some historical events that may have contributed to the attacks. Most of what is on here will remain relevant no matter what has happened by the time this comes out.



1. "The Big Ka-Boom, Part One" (33:59)

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