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L.D. Eye
virus186 (1996) CD - $12.00

An extension of Wisconsin in feel; showcasing Doc's development as a guitarist instead of repeating the first album for (questionable) punk nostalgia's sake. Try it, it might offend you!

"Long-gone are the loopy, out-of-control fits of rage because punk rock, like, already happened. The Crucifucks pop up in fine fettle with a squinchy, rollicking guitar sound that's both smooth and simple on one end, and angular and jagged on the other. Lyrically, it's still the Crucifucks with little tales of woe and protest. Where their previous efforts were fairly pointed the way a stiletto is sharp, this one is more of a subtle sledgehammer where the songs come from all around you to demand your attention."
- Your Flesh Quarterly

"The angry quaver that is Crucifucks frontman Doc Dart has come back from what seems to have been a positively shitty 10 years off. His original guitarist retired; his original drummer joined some NYC trust-fund-art-hipster-double-latte-poseur band called Sonic Youth or something; and he got himself sued by the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police. Now that's punk! And so is L.D. Eye, a blistering, anthemic rant that isn't afraid to slap guitar squeals and Dart's unearthly screech around seven tracks covering hard issues like the IRA, the Oklahoma City bombing, police brutality or the healing power of suicide. ("But Christ would now agree/Don't get yourself nailed to a tree.") Now that's punk! And hell if Dart wants to belt out a song of bitter, unrequited, evil love for the weather girl, there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. He's Doc Dart of the Crucifucks, after all, and that's punk."
- The Onion

"Yes, the same singer from your old time favorites, the Crucifucks. But a new band that plays R&R the way the commercial radio loves it. The lyrics are still dark though. Lets check out "Lights over Baghdad," shall we: "The man who planted the bomb's a beloved friend of mine/The day your babies were mangled to bits is a holiday of mine/they put a day care center in a Federal building here instead/what kind of coward keeps hostages like that/the fucking DEA rolls out the welcome mat/it reminds me of the movies I've seen where the scum bag grabs the hostage/ I think you know what I mean". The Crucifucks released a pair of albums for A.T. in the late '80s, if you didn't know. Though I must point out that this instant comeback coincidentally comes when court costs arise out of the current law suit with the police, the band, and Alternative Tentacles over use of a police issued mock photograph of a dead cop for the reissue of their albums on CD."
- Flipside



1. "The L.D. Eye Theme" (6:43)
2. "Lights Over Baghdad" (6:29)
3. "The Story of Thomas McElwee" (5:02)
4. "Suicide" (3:55)
5. "Officer Powell" (7:06)
6. "Artificial Girl" (4:46)
7. "Jeanetta Jones" (7:49)

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