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virus266 (2001) CD - out of print

Formed in Santa Rosa Ca. in 1984, VICTIM'S FAMILY made an indelible mark in the Punk and Indy scenes with their mad tempo changes and flirtations with Hardcore Punk, Jazz, Funk and Noise textures and satirical and poignant lyrics. In an era when Punk devolved into metal they went in a direction uniquely their own, and continue in that tradition with their new album Apocalicious.

Their debut release "Voltage and Violets" came out in 1986 on Mordam Records. Since that album there have been five others before this new one. Then after ten years and six albums VF disbanded or so it seemed. In 1996 Ralph Spight and Larry Boothroyd continued playing together under their new moniker SATURN'S FLEA COLLAR releasing a single and an album on Alternative Tentacles. Then they recruited a new drummer and formed The HELLWORMS and released "Crowd Repellent" in 1998.

With the departure of HELLWORM'S drummer, Ralph and Larry decided to revive the VICTIM'S FAMILY name as an umbrella under which to play both old and new material from all three bands. After months of frustrating drummer auditions, David Gleza (ex-of My Name) was recruited and the trio began writing and Apocalicious was recorded.

Apocalicious features all new songs and shows the band branching out adventurously into areas they have explored since their inception such as punk, math rock, progressive and jazz-core. Living up to the album's title, Apocalicious breaks new ground without disappointing.



1. "apocalicious" (4:08)
2. "i'm being followed by the cia" (2:15)
3. "hell" (1:21)
4. "moron on steroids" (2:02)
5. "screw in a lightbulb" (1:54)
6. "monstrosity" (2:19)
7. "banana fishing" (3:24)
8. "dog jaw" ()
9. "worthy adversary" (3:00)
listen to "worthy adversary"   MP3 (2.8 MB)
10. "automated" (2:44)
listen to "automated"   MP3 (2.5 MB)
11. "asshole with a microphone" (2:24)
12. "fridge" (5:33)
listen to "fridge"   MP3 (5.1 MB)
13. "son of a bastard" (5:24)

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