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Ginmill Perfume - The Story So Far 1995-2000
virus268 (2001) CD - $12.00

Just when y'all thought you can peg AT for putting out punky, noisy rock oddities and intellectually pregnant spoken word, here we go again throwing you for a loop!

The FLAMING STARS have remained an elusive band stateside despite their 5-year career in England. And what do they sound like? Imagine cavernous Phil Spectorish production, reverb'd guitars, and velvety baritone vocals over vaguely tropical rhythms and lazy rockabilly beats: suave, sophisticated, seductive...oh, yes! If you dig MICK HARVEY's (of the BADSEEDS) solo output of SERGE GAINSBOURG covers, the FLAMING STARS will be the perfect drug for you.

Since the FLAMING STARS first EP in1995, the U.K. band have released six albums, ten singles, gigged extensively in the UK and Germany, and played shows in France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Greece and Japan.

The FLAMING STARS have a caustic sophistication at a constant tug-of-war with the deep-down sleaze 'n' roll straight from the bar room floor. Unlike typical garage acts immortalizing vintage juvenilia, the FLAMING STARS carve out a sultry, mysterious world with their sound. Their sound combines early punk, Ennio Morricone soundtracks, Slade, outlaw country and Tom Waits. Melody Maker called them "a fistfight between the Voidoids and Jerry Lee Lewis". The German press called them : "Nick Cave meets Elvis in a whiskey bar".

The band is fronted by singer and keyboard player Max Décharné, former drummer with Gallon Drunk, who is also the author of four books and a regular contributor to Mojo and Bizarre magazines.

In November, they will tour the U.S to support this album and their new single "One Lonely Night / Days Like This" (virus 267 September 10th) as well as promoting Max's latest book Straight from the Fridge Dad, a book on 1920s-1960s hipster slang, to be published in November via Random House.

GINMILL PERFUME culls some of their hits from : SONGS FROM THE BAR ROOM FLOOR (1996), BRING ME THE REST OF ALFREDO GARCIA (1996) , SELL YOUR SOUL (1997), PATHWAY (1999),and A WALK ON THE WIRED SIDE (2000). It also includes 1 song that is out of print.

Max Decharné will appear on 'Hardboiled Hollywood' on Thursday, September 27th, 2001. He is a published writer with a new book on 20s-60s slang,Straight from the Fridge Dad (Random House) out in November, 2001 and a regular contributor to Mojo and Bizarre. He will be doing readings and signings in various major US cities.

ROLLING STONE (Germany)"Eine Greatest Thrills Compilation fuer das Amerikanische Hinterland eigentlich, nun aber als Einstiegstontraeger all jener dringendst empfohlen, die dem Pulp-Fiction-Inspirierten (die Literaturgattung, nicht der Film, Dummy!) halsbrecherischen brenzligen und nicht selten sinistren Rock n Roll des Quintetts aus Camden Town noch nicht verfallen sind. Die delizioese Cover allein die paar Dollar wert."(four stars)
Wolfgang Doebeling

MELODY MAKER : "a fistfight between the Voidoids and Jerry Lee Lewis".

ISAAC HAYES comments on an early single : "The singer gives the impression of being drunk".

The Flaming Stars, Ginmill Perfume: The Story So Far, 1995-2000

With music journalist and hipster-slang lexicographer Max Decharne leading The Flaming Stars, it's no wonder that the group's music has a smugly retro feel. Released Stateside almost concurrently with Straight from the Fridge, Dad, Decharne's dictionary of 1920s-1960 slang, his band's newest album is a pleasantly affected jumble of well-worn techniques, styles, and lyrics, self-consciously underscored by lo-fi production.

Ginmill Perfume encompasses five years of the band's career, and nearly as many decades of rock 'n' roll, from the piercing guitar of Mickey Baker to the fiery sounds of Dick Dale, from the gentle melodies of the La's to the sometimes-ominous sounds of Nick Cave and The Tindersticks. Raucous piano, gloomy organ, tinny drums - all fill out the stylized sounds of the five older and ten newer songs that oscillate on the genre spectrum between Britpop and music noir. Decharne's lyrical ironies occasionally become clumsy ("everyone loves the way you smile/'till the car you drive goes out of style"), but this small flaw only humanizes the music, making it easier to embrace as the extravagantly dramatic, charmingly guilty pleasure it is.

Sarah Sternau for



1. "Like Trash" (3:29)
listen to "Like Trash"   MP3 (3.2 MB)
2. "Ten Feet Tall" (4:23)
3. "Who's Out There?" (3:45)
listen to "Who's Out There?"   MP3 (3.5 MB)
4. "Some Things You Don't Forget" (3:12)
5. "Only Tonight" (2:25)
listen to "Only Tonight"   MP3 (2.3 MB)
6. "Bury My Heart At Pier 13" (3:37)
7. "Last Picture Show" (3:52)
8. "New Hope For The Dead" (2:39)
9. "You Don't Always Want What You Get" (4:01)
listen to "You Don't Always Want What You Get"   MP3 (3.7 MB)
10. "Blood Money" (3:09)
11. "The Face On The Bar Room Floor" (3:19)
12. "A Place In The Sun" (4:11)
13. "Bring Me The Rest Of Alfredo Garcia" (3:17)
14. "Coffin Ed & Grave Digger Jones" (3:01)
15. "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" (4:03)
listen to "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"   MP3 (3.7 MB)

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