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virus264 FLESHIES
Kill The Dreamer's Dream
virus264 (2001) CD - $12.00 | LP - out of print

Debut confronto-rock album from SF-Oakland's FLESHIES. Punk-in-your-face mayhem. Fast. Loud. Good stories. Partial nudity. What else do you want?

"Like the Butthole Surfers in their prime, you want Fleshies to fuck with you. It's fun to hear them molest your eardrums, like kneeling down before a priest who kicks you square in the forehead with soccer cleats. Then you realize why he's wearing those shoes. So he doesn't trip in your blood while he dances around, making fun of you. [A Fleshies Record] should come with the instructions 'Steal a can of Scotch Guard. Spray into plastic bag. Huff until the bag's stuck around skull in tight seal. Shit yourself. Go blind'. Gotta appreciate bands with gonads this big who're crazy enough to pull it off like it's the most natural thing in the world."
- Razorcake

"It seems many classic sounding punk bands are either unwilling, or unable, to take vintage punk rock and try and rework it into something exciting and energetic. They seem content to merely regurgitate tired '77-'82 cliches. FLESHIES are NOT one of those bands. Instead of simply "re-visiting" classic punk (or even "re-inventing" it) FLESHIES re-capture what it was all about. They don't sound like a new band using punk as a touchstone, they sound like a band that emerged from that era. One of the most exciting aspects of punk's first and second waves was that bands were trying to put their own unique stamp on rock 'n' roll. THE GERMS sounded nothing like X which sounded nothing like BLACK FLAG which sounded nothing like THE RAMONES, which sounded nothing like PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES which sounded nothing like DEAD KENNEDYS which sounded nothing like SEX PISTOLS (you get the picture) but still each one of those bands was undeniably "punk."
FLESHIES have tapped into the energy that defined classic punk but they have avoided tapping into the "sound." They are doing their own thing, but it is undeniably punk as hell. Imagine taking a 70s hard rock guitar band and have them use the Detroit sound as a launching pad for playing hardcore punk in L.A. in 1980. I can't describe it any better than that, other than to say my description is only a pale shadow of how impressive the FLESHIES are."
- In Music We Trust

"When it comes to the execution of what musicologists the world over won't refer to as bad-ass rock 'n' f**kin' roll, you really can't go far wrong with an exceptionally generous portion of entirely needless brutality. And Oakland's Fleshies are way more than capable of dispatching undue subtlety to the creative dumper while replacing its wholly pedestrian charms with cranium-caked, rubber-handled war-hammers of purest bludgeoning ferocity."
- Kerrang!

"Frenetic rock-and-roll that chews up pieces of Black Flag and spits them back at twice the pace with three times the hooks...swift, silly and stickier than flypaper."
- Washington Post

"Not only does the raw red meat guitar sound and the bombastic drums make these songs stand out, but the looney, sometimes out of tune vocals and smart ass intelligence of the lyrics are a perfect match for the out of control, on the verge of imploding on itself insanity of the music. Fleshies are the most remedially original punk band I have heard in a long, long time!"
- Carbon 14

"Fleshies blend stream-of-consciousness surrealism with social commentary, nihilism, and revolutionary politics, resulting in a wall-o-white-noise that blurs a warped sense of humor with tongue-in-cheek intelligence...[Fleshies are] pure punk for now people."
- Jersey Beat

OC Weekly interviews Fleshies, June 2002

Some amazing Fleshies live pictures

"These four hyperactively yelping Oakland artcore minutemen very much deserve to suck. Yet, somehow, they don't."
- Village Voice



1. "(what if we) arm the homeless" (2:00)
2. "meatball" (2:12)
3. "fat cop" (1:15)
4. "yes, i'm starting shit" (1:42)
listen to "yes, i'm starting shit"   MP3 (1.6 MB)
5. "shitface" (2:40)
6. "you!" (1:44)
7. "locofoco motherfucker" (2:36)
8. "3 x 10" (1:22)
9. "big green teeth" (2:06)
10. "2 hotels and a set" (1:15)
11. "gooba says there's no tomorrow" (3:04)
12. "crimson dildo" (1:00)
13. "the biggest snowball" (1:31)
14. "dickholyhalo" (2:14)
15. "south miami beach" (2:29)
16. "led fuckin' zeppelin, man" (3:10)
17. "enough sleep" (3:16)

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