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virus188 BUZZKILL
virus188 (1996) Black Vinyl LP - $12.00

Adrenalin-ized power-chord punk from New Jersey. Their debut full-length from A.T. features 22 action-packed songs to take you on a rollercoaster-ride of power-riffs, hooks, melody and chaos. If you like your pop-punk without the fat trimmed off, this'll boast your cholesterol.

"21 songs, a good sign! Fast, thrashy stuff here, with the quirkiness you'd expect from Alternative Tentacles. Sort of like a more straightforward Victim's Family (first record only). At times it regresses into more rock territory, but on the whole this is cool. Some pretty funny lyrics too, including the song "Condoms," lamenting the fact that one's willy tastes like rubber after condom removal, resulting in a reluctance on your partner's side to provide "oral pleasure." I think we've all been on one side or another of that equation, right girls?"
- Maximum Rocknroll

"Sure, if I wanted to ride a 10-speed down the side of Mt. Washington. Maybe, if I felt like making a pit out of myself, a chainsaw backed up by a lawnmower and eight empty garbage cans, I'd feel more comfortable with Buzzkill in my place. Is that how I'm supposed to feel? Like the punk rock is just letting me sit on the couch and drink beer? Buzzkill's debut commands just this kind of attention.
This band comes at us from the bowels of New Joisey and is currently fighting City Hal… I mean MTV, for rights to the band name. It would seem that Buzzkill was originally called Butthead 'till MTV made, you know, that poorly sketched cartoon for people who only thought they had nothing to do when they were watching another Metallica video and flogging their dongs off to the hot blond girls prevalent within. The latest news has MTV releasing another fine piece of cinematography entitled - you guessed it, uncle John! Buzzkill. Is it possible that the gods are taking cues from Jesters after all? I want to see Buzzkill wear jock straps on their heads.
Up is supermegabonus punk. Imagine a video clip of a kid with Buddy Holly glasses and a huge nose scraping down a 30 foot rail on a skateboard while we get that oh-so-punk view of his brains from three inches off the ground. There's even a cover of "Hell Bent for Leather." Very dynamic in places, always entertaining, plainly hilarious. It will drive the rats from your house and make the neighbors' kids start screaming."
- Lollipop

Makin' Waves… Buzzkill's indie dream comes true.
"Since high school, the members of Buzzkill, have longed to be on Alternative Tentacles , the San Francisco label of former Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra. After slugging it out in the Hub City music scene for the past seven years, the raw, rowdy outfit finally has an A.T. compact disc under it's collective belt. The 22-song effort, Up, the band's third indie CD to date, was preceded by a seven-inch, Meat Is Dinner, on A.T. this spring. "When we got the single, I just wanted to watch it spin, just to see the bat," says Bridgewater-bred drummer Mike Polilli about the labels winged logo. "We were thinking of just making the cover of the new CD the bat." The band - also bassist / vocalist Dan Roorda and guitarist/vocalist Bruce Steinert - Has enjoyed getting to know Biafra, one of punk rock's most legendary figures. The extremely political label-head is a surprisingly fun, gracious host. "He likes old, weird records," says Polilli who co-owns Curmudgeon Music, an indie record shop in Edison. "He was just like , 'You have to see these records.' He's like a little kid. He just wants you to come to his tree house and play with him." Given A.T.'s grassroots approach to the music industry, Buzzkill had to wait almost two years for the release of Up. The grungy group may have to wait even longer before it can tour extensively in support of it's international release. "There's just too many bands and not enough agents," says Polilli. "It's not like it's just going to fall into our laps," Steinert adds. Buzzkill hopes to hit the road in January. In the meantime, the band will play Maxwell's in Hoboken on Saturday. A reunion of the original members of the tongue-in-cheek New Jersey hard-core outfit Adrenalin O.D.,also will be part of the fun. "Up" features a cover of the early A.O.D. favorite, "Rock and Roll Gas Station." "They were just the funniest band around and so fast," says Polilli "Nobody played faster than A.O.D." "
- The Courier News



1. "Put Out My Record" (1:01)
2. "That's O.K." (1:37)
3. "Volvo" (1:34)
4. "Woe Is Me" (1:49)
5. "Me" (1:52)
6. "Spilled My Drink" (1:54)
7. "Bob" (2:00)
8. "In The Woods" (1:43)
9. "Rock And Roll Gas Station" (2:11)
10. "Better This Way" (2:46)
11. "...And Then" (0:35)
12. "Video" (1:16)
13. "Soft Insides" (2:10)
14. "Condoms" (1:55)
15. "Angry Miscommunications" (2:39)
16. "Just Relax" (1:51)
17. "Nightmare Paint" (2:37)
18. "Chunky Pump" (2:17)
19. "Passion" (2:14)
20. "Yeah, Babe" (1:32)
21. "Evil Knievel" (2:09)
22. "Bonus Track" (2:32)

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