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virus179 BUZZKILL
Meat Is Dinner
virus179 (1996) 7" - $3.00
All ain't so quiet on the Eastern front. Big 'n ugly power trio from New Jersey. No-frills punk rock akin to Didjits and Adrenalin O.D., or a straightforward punk version of Alice Donut.

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"This is an approximation of what Slayer would sound like if they were recording for Touch and Go. Hardcore thrashing, crunch chords, a tight drummer that can "do the math" rock thing. Simply brilliant. They also have a song called "Fuck your Band." Phone calls to the label inquiring as to whether they gigged with punk Pamper-wearers the Snot Rockets went unreturned at deadline."
- US Rocker

"Drunk lyrics, flight of the bumblebee guitar, definite red meat concept album. I took this from the turntable. It even tasted punk. Who can argue with the logic behind such lyrics as "Thick… slab… meat… blaah!" Nomeansno with the blender blades slicing at their vocal chords. Fast, short, shout. More would be good by me."
- Flipside

"Someone please convince me this isn't Didjits doing a side project for fun, kicks, and/or the pure hell of it. Really rocked out in places, this has a lot of speed to it, with vocals that end up in the red a lot. There's a huge slab of raw meat on the cover, and their song titles lend the general feeling that Buzzkill would slaughter the lamb in a second."
- Maximum Rocknroll



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