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Become The Media
virus260 (2001) 3xCD - $18.00 | 3xLP - $18.00 - temp. unavailable

The surprise Green Party presidential nomination and the growing rebellion against corporations has aroused interest in Jello's spoken word side as never before.

Jello talks about the WTO convention in Seattle; democracy; e-issues; the Green Party & other election issues; post Columbine High School backlash on kids who think; and our ever more interesting times taken front recent live performances in Boulder, Seattle and Denver.

Jello Biafra's Become The Media is the sixth installment in his spoken word albums. Jello Biafra is the former leader of DEAD KENNEDYS and collaborator in the ongoing LARD project. Jello's last spoken word release If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve was released in November 1998 to rave reviews. Recently, Alternative Tentacles Records released THE NO WTO COMBO "live from the battle in Seattle" LP/CD which featured Jello Biafra, Kim Thayil and Krist Novoselic protesting & rocking against the World Trade Organization last December.



A-1. "Intro: Gary Dugger" (2:00)
A-2. "The Green Wedge" (12:10)
listen to "The Green Wedge"   MP3 (9.3 MB)
A-3. "K.O. the W.T.O." (35:13)
A-4. "Hellburbia" (27:07)
B-1. "Hack The Planet" (55:59)
B-2. "World Bunk & International Monetary Fraud" (19:16)
C-1. "Frankenfood Landscape: Where Are We Going?" (3:00)
C-2. "Philadelphia Stories" (30:40)
listen to "Philadelphia Stories"   MP3 (28.2 MB)
C-3. "If You Like Tipper, You'll Love..." (20:45)
listen to "If You Like Tipper, You'll Love..."   MP3 (19.1 MB)
C-4. "Become The Media" (15:00)
listen to "Become The Media"   MP3 (15.2 MB)

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