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virus039 (1984) Green 12" EP - $12.00
Last copies of CLEAR vinyl plus LIMITED new GREEN vinyl!

Seven songs performed live and naked by these slightly off-kilter Texan envelope pushers. Remember: before Pepper, there was an entire decade that the band probably doesn't even recall, but damn, was it good for the rest of us! Recorded at the Meridean in San Antonio, TX in 1984. 7 songs in all. Don't forget their 1st AT 12" Brown Reason To Live!

Recent pressing history:
Green vinyl, 506 pressed, 2009
Gold vinyl, 500 pressed, 2011
Blue vinyl, 500 pressed, 2011
White vinyl, 500 pressed, 2013
Red vinyl, 500 pressed, 2013
Clear vinyl, 500 pressed, 2015
Green vinyl, 549 pressed, 2017

"Green-vinyl repress of this acid-drenched Texas punk band's second EP. Seven songs; a good-quality live recording from 1984. In the echoes and reverberations, I can hear traces of SCRATCH ACID, the DICKS, the CRAMPS, the STOOGES. I won't cop to being a huge B-HOLES fan, but this is pretty cool. "There's a time to live and a time to die, and I smoke Elvis Presley's toenails when I wanna get high!"
- Maximumrocknroll



1. "Cowboy Bob" (2:32)
2. "Bar-B-Q Pope" (3:09)
3. "Dance Of The Cobras" (0:34)
4. "The Sha Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave" (2:09)
5. "Wichita Cathedral" (2:45)
6. "Hey" (2:06)
7. "Something" (7:38)

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