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virus233 BUZZKILL
House Of Bad Touch
virus233 (1999) LP - $9.00 - temp. unavailable | CD - $12.00

The band that delivers in one record the diversity of punk, metal, rock, and pop that most bands would hope to achieve in the span of their career are back. "House Of Bad Touch" is the band's third full length and second album for Alternative Tentacles. The New Jersey trio celebrate their eighth year of destruction with eighteen new anthems of speed, riffs and satire. Spazztic hardcore, Jersey metal, and three stooges rock covering all the bases from militias, O.J. Simpson, Jerry Springer, aliens, and of course a cover song are all guaranteed to kick your jaded ass in less than 40 minutes.

"House Of Bad Touch" is once again a testimony to the band's amazing versatility from their musicianship, expanse of musical styles, and their biting sense of humor. The soundtrack to the Y2K meltdown has begun.

"House of Bad Touch is a very cool album throughout. To give you a little background on this New Jersey based power trio, Buzzkill were originally known as Butthead. They formed in 1990. Two years into their musical endeavor they were forced to change their name due to the popularity of the MTV show Beavis & Butthead. The strange coincidence continued when in the mid 90's MTV launched a rock/grunge show called Buzzkill. I'm sure these guys have had many sleepless nights haunted by nightmares of a huge musical conglomerate consuming their creativity. But they persisted to stake their own claim in the music scene and prevailed.
Buzzkill is Bruce Steinert Jr on Vocals and guitar, Dan Roorda on bass and Mike Polli on drums. House of Bad Touch, their latest release is an elegant blend of a quirky punk sound with crazy desperate sounding vocals. The songs are super catchy and cool. My favorite on this 18 track CD is Springer, an in depth look at the psychology of what sort of people insist on parading on his show. This CD is clever, it's funny, it rocks, and should not be missed. A must-buy for punkers with a good sense of humor."
- Primal Chaos On-line



1. "Yeah" (1:34)
2. "Psycho" (1:16)
listen to "Psycho"   MP3 (1.2 MB)
3. "Springer" (2:29)
listen to "Springer"   MP3 (2.3 MB)
4. "Kick Your Ass" (2:09)
5. "Spencer" (1:32)
6. "Sensitive" (3:08)
7. "Aliens" (3:21)
8. "1,2, Hate You" (1:33)
9. "Eviler Than You" (2:09)
10. "All's Fair" (1:35)
11. "double Bogey...O.J." (2:37)
12. "Azoid" (1:39)
13. "Have You Had Enough Yet?" (3:02)
14. "Bound" (3:06)
15. "Ugly Face" (2:11)
16. "Just Because I Want To" (0:59)
17. "Relax" (3:31)
18. "Hokey Dance" (1:21)

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