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Carniceria Tropical
virus220 (1999) CD - out of print

This was the 1st RDP record on Alternative Tentacles from these Brazilian veterans who have been playing, touring, and making records since the early 80's. Now in 2014, it has just been reissued by the band based on the original AT artwork! However, if you want the digital version, click on the iTunes or eMusic links above!

On Carniceria Tropical, the band's sound is thrashier than their later more metallic releases. The album was recorded in Sao Paulo, and produced & engineered by Billy Anderson (Logical Nonsense, Melvins, Neurosis). The music is a mix of crust, metal and 90's punk rock, not too far astray from elements of Logical Nonsense, Sepultura and old Slayer, but much more severe. The vocals are so strong they turn stomachs inside-out! Yes, it's very raw and intense; this record is by far the most brutal of all their releases.

All but 1 tune is sung in Porteguese. Lyrically RDP deal with the political and social problems troubling Brasil. They offer positive messages for a better future.

"After a string of excellent thrash-metally records in the early 90's, the band picked different metal influences for this one. It's an even blend of thrashcore, speedcore and grindcore, with a more ¨melodic ¨ line to it than all of these styles might suggest and a sound of their very own, with gruffy cannibal-corpsesque vocals and blazing guitars a lá Varukers, a brit band who are close friends of them. The drumming is incredible and superbly mixed; bass guitar is unusually fat for the style but works beatifully. The single guitarwork is panned and layered all over the record with clockwork accuracy; they're tight as a pack of nails!!
This is an incredibly aggressive cd and WILL endanger your speakers, ears, and relationship with close neighbours !! I own all of their records and this one is one of their very best !! "
- customer



1. "vá se virar" (2:24)
2. "atitude zero" (2:00)
3. "banha" (3:12)
4. "crocodila" (1:53)
5. "pedra" (2:50)
6. "estilo de vida miserável" (2:13)
7. "Difícil de entender" (2:50)
8. "outra vez" (1:56)
9. "bico de corvo" (1:18)
10. "ideologic police" (3:15)
11. "autoguerrilha" (2:35)
12. "arranca toco" (0:51)
13. "colisão" (14:05)

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