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virus082 ALICE DONUT
virus082 (1 Jan 1989) Digital only! - $0.00 - coming soon | LP - out of print | CD - out of print

NYC's finest return with a triumphant, discordant crash! This, their third full-length has been hailed as their most catchy, yet most demented release.

"Like the Butthole Surfers, Alice Donut played a twisted form of rock n roll with their tongues firmly in their cheeks and absurdities like 'Cow's Placenta to Armadgeddon.' This is the label's other flagship band after Kennedys/Biafra."
- Rock-A-Rolla

"I'll say it to you straight off - Alice Donut is a bit weird. However, they won my heart, if not the hearts of many, with their hilarious cover of the old 50's standard "My Boyfriend's Back" on the b-side of their "Demonologist" 7" earlier this year. Needless to say, I had high expectations for their latest effort, Mule.
The album opens with "Mother of Christ," a quirky what if? Rant about someone who would like to put themselves in the Virgin Mary's shoes. From there, it forges new trails into failed romance, the economy, and roadkill, all with a giddy kind of schoolboy sense of wonder at the musical chaos they've created.
Some of the best stuff on the album is the hardest to decipher. "Crawlpappy" may be a cut at the band of the same name, or something else that I haven't thought of yet. And the album closer, "Cow's Placenta to Armageddon," could easily be an Irwin Allen movie (if Salvador Dali could translate his work into film, that is). If Alice Donut could drop their gray matter into the water supply, what an odd world it would be."
- Adam Bicsanszky



1. "Mother Of Christ" (4:01)
2. "Mrs. Hayes" (2:38)
3. "Roaches In The Sink" (4:10)
4. "Crawlpappy" (2:12)
5. "My Severed Head" (4:20)
6. "Bottom of the Chain" (6:05)
7. "Burlesque" (2:39)
8. "Big Ass" (4:06)
9. "Roadkill" (3:27)
10. "Tiny Ugly World" (4:23)
11. "J Train Downtown: A Nest Of Murder" (4:29)
12. "Cows Placenta To Armageddon" (3:17)
13. "My Boyfriends Back" (2:21)
14. "Bonus Track" (3:42)

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