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virus199 LARD
Pure Chewing Satisfaction
virus199 (1997) Cassette - $8.00 | CD - $12.00 | Black Vinyl LP - $12.00
Ongoing project combines Biafra's vocals with the patented wall of noise assault and studio wizardry of Ministry founders Paul Barker and Al Jourgensen. As heard on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, this is neither punk nor industraial - this is Lardcore for the people!

"The gentle strains of Mr. Jello Biafra's voice have always aroused joy in my heart. Yea verily, ever since I first heard "Police Truck" all those long years ago, I've held a lingering fondness for the work of Herr B., in all its incarnations, whether DKs, spoken word, or rich, flavorful Lard. And so it is that I greet the arrival of this CD with much rejoicing.
Pure Chewing Satisfaction is just that: Delectable bite-size chunks o' sturm und drang, served up in a rich, flavorful sauce of trademarked Biafra-Rant and garnished with invective. It's what was expected, and what is required. It rocks, and it's right on. Go, dog, go."
- Your Flesh Quarterly

The sporadic collaborations of ex-Dead Kennedys yowler Jello Biafra and the members of Ministry have always proved somewhat mysterious. Sure, both are kings of their respective genres and evidently work well together in the studio, but think about this. What do they do for lunch? A contradictory vision of Biafra unwrapping his organically grown and correctly harvested sprout sandwich while Al Jourgensen ties off and raises a vein in the bathroom often troubles my sight. Nonetheless, arriving seven years after the awesome Last Temptation of Reid, Lard's third disc delivers exactly what you've come to expect from this oxymoronic pairing. Machine-gun guitars and hyper-trebled drums underpinning Biafra's high, nagging vocals. Songs lambasting the usual gang of suspects: greedy generals, San Francisco cops, the Christian Coalition, advocates of the death penalty, rednecks, MTV. New twists? There aren't many, but "Live Free Or Die," introduces eerie vocal treatments and dexterous use of a Skilsaw, and the country-style "Sidewinder" swings like hell's own line-dance. He thing is this: You already know whether you like Lard, and Chewing isn't going to sway that opinion one way or the other. To us Lardheads, this one sounds like Jourgensen and Biafra put aside their dietary differences and indulged themselves in a healthy seven-year bitch. Delicious!"
- Magnet

"Jello's baaaack! A fine, fine record from the man who will always be a Dead Kennedy to me. And this record, the follow-up to their debut a hard-to-believe six years ago, is still supported by three members of Minsistry - Al Jourgensen, Bill Rieflin and Paul Barker. And it rocks! He leaves no lyrical stone unturned and the band backs up his diatribes with a solid assault-rifle underscore. There's a lot of Ministry in here if you focus on the music, however, General Jello is pretty much the one in the spotlight - I cannot help thinking of the Joker from the old Bob Kane Batman comics - dancing in the spotlight while plotting a way to make every living creature die with a smile on their face. If you love the old DK Jello for his lyrical magic you will not be disappointed - he takes on Reagan (the undying arch-enemy, but an easy target none-the-less), the military, authority in general, Blockbuster Video (thinly veiled), Phil Donahue, the New Hampshire state motto, the Sex Pistols, and Julie Andrews; all in under thirty eight minutes. Hell, the accompanying lyric book alone is worth the price of admission - hours and hours of pure chewing satisfaction, indeed. How could hardcore '97 possibly sound so good? 'Cause these guys are the absolute experts; if they'd just record a little more often."
- Insomniac's Asylum



1. "War Pimp Renaissance" (4:13)
listen to "War Pimp Renaissance"   MP3 (3.9 MB)
2. "I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog" (3:17)
listen to "I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog"   MP3 (3.0 MB)
3. "Moths" (4:57)
4. "Generation Execute" (5:41)
5. "Faith Hope And Treachery" (3:55)
6. "Peeling Back The Foreskin Of Liberty" (5:11)
7. "Mangoat" (5:05)
8. "Sidewinder" (4:59)
listen to "Sidewinder"   MP3 (4.6 MB)

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