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virus491 ARNOCORPS
The Unbelievable
virus491 (2017) LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00 | CD - $12.00
Brand New 2017 recording! Despite being so brazenly misrepresented by Hollywood via comedic Austroploitation films, the unbelievable tales of "JUNIOR", "KINDERGARTEN COP", "JINGLE ALL THE WAY" and "TWINS" are perhaps the most evocative and life-altering of all ancient Austrian lore yet to be reclaimed by ARNOCORPS! It doesn't take long to appreciate the significance of these sonic allegories, as the unmistakably ballsy Austrian-accented vocals are complemented by the band's patented "heroic symmetry" lineup of two guitars counterbalanced by two bass players and defiant drums.

This time out, ARNOCORPS' unique ability to pump listeners up is performance-enhanced by guest vocals from JELLO BIAFRA on the track "Handsome Stranger" while JESSE LUSCIOUS channels his early BLATZ days with backing vocals on "Mr. Freeze". The record opens with an instrumental track that informs the listener that the impossible does indeed become possible, when you believe THE UNBELIEVABLE!

ARNOCORPS, inventors of Austrian Action Adventure Hardcore Rock 'n' Roll, inspire heroes and sheroes world-wide! This is #3 of the 3 LP blitzkrieg of "The Ballsy", "The Fantastic", and "The Unbelievable"!

"This album catapults Alternative Tentacles back to where they should be: in the spotlight. And now go make Europe unsafe, handsome strangers!"

"The Unbelievable EP is jam-packed with more goddamn ballsy rock 'n roll than you can pump an iron at! We're still in heroic symmetry mode (dual bassists ahoy!) and still led by the implacable Holzfeuer, the man, the myth, the goddamn legend...(they) sound like they're having more fun than any other band in existence. The songs are ridiculously extravagant, as are the hooks and every goddamn chorus is so instantly memorable, which just goes to show what truly heroic craftsman this sextet are."



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