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Panik/Lady Coca Cola
virus479 (2016) 7" - out of print
All gone FOREVER!

Meet the inventors of syth-punk, cyber punk, and at the time they called it "electro-punk": France's Metal Urbain!

It all started with this record! Out of print since 1977, the long vanished debut of Metal Urbain returns! Two guitars, scathing synth machine noises without a drumkit or bass guitar, fired by angry French-language vocals using the mother tongue as a weapon no one had before, and few have since! Their influence in France was so huge that a tradition of homegrown drum machine punk bands continues to this day. Some like Berurier Noir and Ludwig Von 88 would become much bigger then Metal Urbain, but none were as nasty.

Jello Biafra would discover the band while traveling as a "teenage hippie" in France, says: "As far as I'm concerned, Charles de Goal, Kas Product, Ludwig von 88 and Berurier Noir, and even America's Big Black, Digital Leather, and the even more extreme Atari Teenage Riot owe their very existence to Metal Urbain."

Alternative Tentacles is proud to offer this rare 7" once more as a one time special release exclusively on Record Store Day 2016. Limited to 1000 copies, this 7" will never be repressed again, but this is only a teaser of what will be a three volume LP reissue series of Metal Urbain by Alternative Tentacles Records which will include 1980's Les hommes morts sont dangereux , 2006'sá J'irai chier dans ton vomiá (produced by Jello Biafra), and 2008's Creve Salope.

Pressing information:
Red vinyl: 533 (actual)
Black vinyl: 640 (actual)

This is no longer nostalgia, but once again a band of the future, sure to appeal to fans of Suicide, Killing Joke, Ministry, Berurier Noir, and Atari Teenage Riot. EN GARDE!

"Single of the week"
NME, 1977

""Panik"... set the tables for much of what followed - a thumping, near motorik beat accompanied by gruff guitar riffs, shouted lyrics, and the occasionally swooping synth line. "Lady Coca Cola", the flip side of their debut offering, switches things up a bit, favoring squalls of guitar noise instead of recognizable riffs, with gurgling synth bleeps pulsating in the background of one of Metal Urbain's more left-field tracks..."
- Dusted

"AT reissues one of 1977's seminal singles, among the first post-punk records of the punk era. Like Suicide with a guitar and bass, or a French Screamers with Tuxedomoon's set up, these harsh sounding Parisians employed U.K. punk's dirty, distorted guitars and growled/spitting vocals, yet, inspired by Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, they pitted such coarser elements against cold, bleak, abrasive, static-y synthesizer noises and an innovative, beeping drum machine. This debut minted that prescient approach, with frontman Clode Panik snarling nasty-sounding French words like a mad Mikal Waters (Negative Trend). John Peel and Search and Destroy's V. Vale championed the foursome, their later 1977 follow-up 7" launched the hallowed Rough Trade label, and as recently as 2006, AT's Jello Biafra produced an LP for a modern MU. But this was the trailblazing shakeup."
- Big Takeover

" A week in the studio yields May 1977's excellent 45, "Panik" b/w "Lady Coca Cola," as sensationalist press reports cement punk in worldwide consciousness. All of Metal Urbain's trademarks are firmly in place: electronics, nasty guitars, shock graphics favoring an anarchistic red and black color scheme, a fashion sense based on homemade versions of Vivienne Westwood's Seditionaries designs, and guttural polemics snarled en Franšais. The music is instantly radical in a rapidly codifying punk scene, even alongside fellow electro punks Suicide and Devo."
- Austin Chronicle



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