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Prince of Pieces
book284 (2015) Book - $12.00 ($12.99 list)
For two thousand years you've been eating His flesh and drinking His blood...Now it's His turn! In Prince of Pieces, the Son of God is back and He's mad as hell. After two millennia of being exploited by purveyors of greed, violence and hypocrisy, Jesus returns with a vengeance. No longer turning the other cheek, He disposes of sinners and religious hypocrites with biblically inspired justice. Only one thing is certain in the shattered world the rampaging Christ leaves in His wake - - it will take more than nails to stop Him this time!

Publisher: Creator's Edge Press (2015)
ISBN-10: 0983686483
ISBN-13: 978-0983686484

"This is an excellent graphic novel. It's very intense, wonderfully funny, and extremely blasphemous. So if you like great artwork and edgy writing Prince of Pieces is for you. It's for the faint of heart as you can tell from the cover where we find out that "for two thousand years you've been eating his flesh and drinking his blood..." and " now it's his (Jesus Christ's) turn!" I give it six stars out of five. The extra star is for originality." -Gregory Sterlace

"A different perspective at the times we live in through His eyes. He came back once before. This time, he's pissed, and now he gets to do something about it. A great graphic novel. Movie rights? Sign me up! Can't wait for the next installment." -Scott M. Weber

"A thrill ride" and "A great spin on a zombie romp." - Fanboy Comics

"The comedy is gold. The brutal truth of it all is impacting. And when you incorporate Colin Blanton's artwork into the equation, it really does feel masterful...Miserendino, Blaton and Creator's Edge Press have a grand slam on their hands." - Graphic Novel Reviews

"Never have I experienced suspense, a serious amount of anger, and the urge to vomit at different points in the span of minutes while reading one comic book. And Prince of Pieces has certainly managed to accomplish brings up the question if a comic can truly go too far past the line..." -Indie Comix


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