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Human Punk For Real
book285 (2014) Book - $16.00 ($19.77 list)
Marco Thiede, born in 1964 in Germany, writes about his discovery of Punk Rock and how the music changed his life. He describes his experiences from the end of the 70s until today; how he took many trips from Bremen to Punk concerts and gatherings, and finally ended up in California.

"It started with the Sex Pistols and The Damned - but when I heard Jean Jacques Burnel's bass guitar in "Goodbye Toulouse" by The Stranglers, I was totally stoked! Then as now, the music has never lost its power and energy, and I love all these songs like the first day I heard them!

In this book I'm attempting to describe the beginning of the Punk movement in Bremen - a very unpopular and rough German city - especially in the 80s. About the ongoing battles with right-wing Skinheads, and how we had to scrape together every penny just so we could go to as many cool shows as possible.

To me, it's an ongoing, never-ending adventure, Finally, in 2012, I "landed" in the Bay Area. I'll be 50 years old this year in December, and Punk Rock is still, to this day, the only kind of music that always gives me goose bumps! And this will never change - as with many of the "infected" - to my last breath!"
- Marco Thiede



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