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Watcher In Black and Other Poems
virus468 (2014) Book - $15.00
Alternative Tentacles and Fool Court Press. LLC are proud to present Watcher In Black and Other Poems, a collection of the poetry of Stanley Boucher and our first co-published printed book!

Stanley Boucher was a rock climber and mountaineer in the 1940's, served in Korea as a medic, then worked in the mental health field many years. All the while, he enjoyed writing poetry. This anthology encompasses a lifetime's worth of his experiences, including attending the obscenity trial of his son Jello Biafra.

"You cannot find more spirited verse. Stan jokes and exaggerates, but the reader always feels the love and compassion. He compares marriage to a bullboat, that multidirectional life vehicle, and justice to a melon. He compares a prosecutor's brain to entrap'd vapors in galaxies, himself to a sack of grain.
At the same time, Stan has always been a listener, a person of great care and feel for people. READ HIM!"
- Jack Collom (winner of the 2012 Colorado Book Award for Poetry)

"Bringing together selections from decades of his writing, this collection provides a glimpse into the mind and spirit of Boucher (1927-2013), a psychiatric social worker, an avid mountain climber, and the father of punk rock legend Jello Biafra. Many of the poems are modern takes on pastoral themes, as in the poem "Progress and Poverty," in which a "huge flow of mesa" gets "Shut into privacy,/ A valuable tract for valued seclusion," guarded by "the sheriff's ire/ Hung on miles of barbed wire." Even when not directly engaging with alpine imagery, an elevated, masculine voice tends to guide these often-rhyming poems. Perhaps the most affecting are those relating to Boucher's Korean War service. He describes the unsettling anticipation of going to war as a kind of collective bloodlust that becomes conflated with sexual desire: "Seated here, rifles and knees stabbing upwards,/ We are clumps and trees/ Rooted and confined in useless thrusts." A tenderness emerges in elegiac pieces such as "January-Three Years Later," about a climb he took with his deceased father: "All we really share, each separate human face,/ Each locked in its own interminable, all too terminable race:/ Is this feel of snow to an ungloved questing hand." Despite points of unevenness, Boucher displays a sympathetic, bittersweet voice."
- Publisher's Weekly

"Meet Stan Boucher-lifelong poet, raconteur, visionary bringing humanism to social work and mental health-and pioneer in climbing cliffs and peaks. He was also my father."
- Jello Biafra



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