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Beyond The Valley Of The Gift Police
virus150 (1994) Triple Cassette - $10.00 | 3xCD - $16.00 | 3xLP - $16.00
Fourth installation in Biafra's spoken word series addresses life as we now know it - in the Clinton era. Sardonic wit and satirical commentary abound, but reality does bite...

"This is a spoken word triple CD set from "Minister of Information" Jello Biafra, who makes astute observations about contemporary American life, philosophies, and politics - in his distinctly confrontational and acerbic style. Government waste, the PMRC, and the environment are all fair game for Mr. Biafra, who offers solutions by pointing out the blatant lack of wisdom and integrity exhibited by the powers-that-be. For instance: "Balance the budget? "Tax religion!" the amount of information presented is both staggering and enlightening, and delivered in a common-sense non-partisan style that flows poetically like water over the defective dam that cost the taxpayers three million dollars (some beavers eventually built a dam that worked…). The packaging is beautiful too, and it comes with glossy booklets that complement the spoken word beautifully. You will laugh, you will (want to) cry, and you'll definitely learn something. Highly recommended."
- Under the Volcano

"Whew - a lot of information to wade through. Consider this almost an audio book, a dissemination of plenty of scary data. Biafra details his encounters with the forces of evil, those who would censor, turn the country into a theocracy, and those in power who are already robbing us blind. Then, to prove Tip O'Neill's axiom that all politics (or, in this case, the path to destruction) are local, he points out the misinformation and conformity put forth in schools. The picture he paints is insidious and, given the recent election results and violent solutions fostered by some parties (like the pro-life nazis), what Biafra says needed to be heard, now more than ever. Sure, he's long-winded. Sure he pontificates ad nauseum, but Biafra's on the right side… all this "scene" infighting, worries about that's punk and what isn't, doesn't mean shit in the larger scheme of things and it's time more so-called punks realized that and turned their attention to what's really going on."
- Suburban Voice



A-1. "Message To Our Sponsor" (7:36)
listen to "Message To Our Sponsor"   MP3 (7.0 MB)
A-2. "Experts" (29:26)
A-3. "Ban Everything" (14:31)
A-4. "I Have A Dream" (11:24)
B-1. "Talk On Censorship - President McGuffin Tightens The Screws - What We Are Not Being Told" (1:07:01)
C-1. "Talk On Censorship (continued) - The Virtuecrats' Unreality - In The Belly Of The Wrong Beast" (36:40)
C-2. "Eric Meets The Moose Diarrhea Salesman" (17:31)

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