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virus465 ARNOCORPS
Two More!
virus465 (2014) Colored 7" +d/l - $5.00 | 7"+download - $5.00

Often imitated, never duplicated, the action-adventure rock pioneers, ArnoCorps are back! Returning to their patented "Heroic Symmetry" arrangement with two pump-inducing tunes that fight back against the Austroploitation films of the seventies! In the opening chords of "Pumping Iron" you will find it hard to resist the call to increase your muscle mass to heroic proportions, quickly followed by the ballsy assault of "Stay Hungry" that leaves you hungry for more! Together these instant classics provide clues to solving the riddle of steel as they motivate you not only in the gym, but in life itself. In time for their 4th saga-inspiring tour of the United Kingdom in July 2014, following up epic adventures in 2006, 2008, and 2012, Alternative Tentacles is releasing "TWO MORE" as a 7" record for the first time. Now, "COME ON! GET SERIOUS! EXACTLY!"

Also available on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes!

"Pumping Iron" Live in London (song starts at 2:15):



1. "Pumping Iron" ()
2. "Stay Hungry" ()

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