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Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook
book276 (2013) Book - $16.00

If you've ever wondered what it's like to leave your hometown and follow your dreams, this book is both how-to and warning. Want to be an obscure comedy band? Now you can! The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook features easy-to-learn lyrics and chords to over 90 songs by the infamous satiric duo, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, along with hilarious illustrations from Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics and over 40 more of the best illustrators from the art world, the comic book world and beyond.

As longtime DIY artists, promoters, and organizers, Dan Abbott and Corbett Redford invite you into the bizarre world of Bobby Joe Ebola. With savage humor they dispense "helpful" rock'n'roll tips for making amazing things happen on little or no budget. From putting out your own record to organizing illegal concerts, from surviving a tour to plotting out on-stage gyrations, this miscellany is both an adventure tale and call to arms for every struggling artist.

Tragicomic band trivia, esoteric pop quizzes, history lessons, and surprises on every page will make this your new favorite bathroom reading. Brutally honest, sidesplittingly funny, and strangely educational, The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook can help artists and dreamers become doers and makers... if they can ever put it down.

In collaboration with editor/illustrator Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics, the book also features scads of anecdotes, puzzles, essays, photographs, and other fun detritus from a stellar lineup of over 40 artists including Winston Smith, Dakota McFadzean, Jennie Cotterill, Mitch Clem, Cristy Road, Jared Power (the A.T. Mail Overlord), Andy Warner, Keeli McCarthy, Petr Sorfa, Max Clotfelter, Jon Carling, Mike Foxall, Shielaugh Divelbiss, Richie Bucher, Ben Catmull, Eryc Why, Jason Novak and many more!



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