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We Are The Star People
virus453 (2013) LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00
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When the needle hits the grooves of "We Are The Star People," you will instantly drift away to a celestial arena where endless stacks of amplifiers drench and bathe you in sonic overdrive bliss. Majestic, timeless & epic - Turn Me On Dead Man conjures the fantastic-ness of the nebulas. Your mind will conjure thoughts of infinite space and color as you succumb to the mammoth vibrations of TMODM's 4th full-length creation. With powerchords so heavy and melodies so sweet, the doors of the cosmos will fling open and welcome you to a spiritual place where Tony Iommi and Ace Frehley freely trade guitar licks with Marc Bolan and George Harrison.

While the band creates a glam rock lysergic-playground, their songs touch on things much deeper and surreal. You'll have to decide if the title track refers to native Americans invaded by outsiders or if it's a play on the Hollywood star mentality. The mighty "Dreamchild" is a pure psychedelic pop song of redemption. "Deep Space Pollen" is space rock at its finest with druggy vocals yearning to understand the ufo/alien abduction phenomenon. "Let Them Eat Flowers" is psychedelic perfection, and "Heart Of The Deaf," the most 'traditional' tune on the album, earns you a free tarot reading with every play.

"We Are The Star People" encompasses what analog is all about - a record born for the LP format. A document for the ages that needs to be held in your hand. Recorded on 2" tape like a record should be, turn it up loud and burn out as you head into space at warp speed. Is it the 70s? Is this the 90s? No man, it's now!

"As funny it is, I love it. Never heard this band who plays a weird grunge-psychedelic. 8 tracks out on Alternative Tentacles. We got carry, especially with Deep Space Pollen . There is something special that you do love it. And suddenly, everything become more rock'n'roll with Star People , it never stop and it's good. Well played guys. Very curious with the next one."
- Bootboys Kulture



1. "Heart of the Deaf" (2:22)
2. "Dreamchild" (2:23)
3. "Deep Space Pollen" (5:31)
4. "Missing Time" (3:41)
5. "Her Majesty the Drug" (6:06)
6. "Let Them Eat Flowers" (1:45)
7. "Star People" (3:59)
8. "Uhura" (2:46)

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Turn Me On Dead Man

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