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I Blow Minds For A Living
virus094 (1991) Double Cassette - $7.00 | 2xCD - $12.00 ($15.00 list)
Third spoken word album addresses Biafra's 1979 mayoral campaign, an updated version of the scathing Gulf War Piece "Die For Oil, Sucker," the pro-hemp "Grow More Pot," plus a wide variety of new and expanded topics.

Released in 1991, "I BLOW MINDS..." includes the anti-Gulf War rant "Die for Oil, Sucker" which was originally released as an emergency anti-war 7". Over a decade later, it's still relevant because the same players are pushing the same agendas under the new guise of "war on terrorism."

"'Die for oil, sucker... sucker... sucker." Pedantic as these lines seem in hindsight, they were a left-wing rallying cry during Bush, Sr.'s Iraqi invasion. Now that foreign policy is repeating itself, we're revisiting Jello's third spoken word album to see how little's changed in the anti-war movement. Turns out "Die for Oil Sucker" has aged well- though we're guessing Jello's riff on the 'Pledge of Allegiance' ain't much of a hit post-9/11."
- Alternative Press



A-1. "Pledge Of Allegiance" (4:02)
listen to "Pledge Of Allegiance"   MP3 (3.7 MB)
A-2. "Talk On Censorship (Let Us Pray)" (17:02)
A-3. "Die for Oil, Sucker (Higher Octane Version)" (9:30)
listen to "Die for Oil, Sucker (Higher Octane Version)"   MP3 (8.7 MB)
A-4. "I Was A Teenage Pacifist" (1:23)
listen to "I Was A Teenage Pacifist"   MP3 (1.3 MB)
A-5. "If Voting Changed Anything..." (8:12)
A-6. "Running For Mayor" (21:29)
B-1. "Grow More Pot" (13:26)
B-2. "Lost Orgasm" (4:45)
B-3. "Talk On Censorship (Better Living Through New World Orders)" (12:35)
B-4. "Talk On Censorship (Fear Of A Free Planet)" (26:58)

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