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virus448 DEAD ENDING
virus448 (2013) 12" EP+DOWNLOAD - $10.00 | Gold-SwirlEPd/l - $10.00
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Dead Ending are back with their 2nd EP and it's brutal, simply brutal. The first EP laid the foundation, but this EP better reflects the band firing on all cylinders, with all members contributing songs to the release. You should already be familiar with Dead Ending by now, they are the fierce hardcore outlet for Joe Principe (Rise Against), Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio), Jeff Dean (All Eyes West) and the legendary punk vocalist Vic Bondi (Articles Of Faith). 

Screaming guitars, thumping bass, pounding drums and a vocalist that will make you crap in your pants as you run for protection. Dead Ending played their debut live show at 2012's Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas)- and for those of us who were there, it was an "I-was there" moment.

Don't forget to pick up their 2012 debut I & their 2014 12" III!

1st pressing: 480 on yellow/black swirl vinyl & 507 on black vinyl. (12" includes a free mp3 download)

"This record is pretty amazing! It features 5 songs that are more in line with Articles of Faith than Rise Against. It's early 80's sounding... angry, aggressive, & raw with some melody, well recorded and tightly played. You can feel the energy. It's short and to the point. Each song is memorable. Well worth its weight in wax... as this record probably could have been pressed as a 7". I would put this up there with bands like OFF! If you like modern "80's style" hardcore punk played by old dudes who were around back in the day... you'll really like this. I know I do!"
- Profane Existence



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