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virus447 FISH KARMA
Lethal Fairy Tales
virus447 (30 Oct 2012) Digital only! - $0.00 - coming soon
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It's AVAILABLE NOW from iTunes, eMusic, Bandcamp, or another of your favorite digital stores! Due to a website glitch, we CANNOT sell this directly- you MUST go to one of those outside sites.

Fish Karma returns with a new collection of scathing tunes entitled Lethal Fairy Tales. Targeting the world-at-large, this is their 9th road marker on a never-ending journey of social commentary. Backed by the Love Generation, the band has grown beyond their folkier roots and are pushing in a direction that recalls a mangled Bob Dylan fronting the Velvet Underground.

It's clear that Fish Karma and the Love Generation are too skilled on their instruments to be pushed aside; they have a plan. Not fucked up enough to be twisted and not freaky enough to be outsider music, could this be an attempt to break into the mainstream? With heavier tracks like "American", "Swimming To The Homeland" and "Heavy Metal Jowls" or folkier political songs like "OckUPyd" and "Fema Camp," you'll be singing along: "I am a moron, I am American." Sing it loud and sing it proud!

You can download the Lyric Sheet here!



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Fish Karma

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