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Die For Oil, Sucker
virus090 (1991) 7" - $5.00 - temp. unavailable
Finally back in print! This 7" was an "emergency release to counter the onset of the Gulf War # 1" but its oh so relevant once again.....Comes packed in its original fold-out poster sleeve with graphics, clippings of "news" misinformation and war resistance contacts.

Two live spoken word pieces, both vicious attacks on the U.S. role in the Persian Gulf "Conflict" (#1). Packaged in a poster sleeve with Biafra's (anti)trademark political graphics, clippings of "news" misinformation, and war-resistance contacts.

"Vietnam just a Time/Life book" says Biafra in this spoken word tour de force released in the heat of the Persian Gulf atrocity. My views on the subject are already detailed in the opening statement, so needless to say this I believe this to be essential listening. A simple call to antiwar activism: "Get off your butt before your butts blown off." B-side is "Pledge of Allegiance" pledging defiance to the flag, "one nation under wall street, one nation under sedated tabloid robots." More common sense: real patriots question their country's actions when detrimental to the cause of peace, rather than blindly saluting the first flag they see, just a died piece of cloth after all. The amazing humor of his 2 spoken word LPs is missing which is really a shame, but under the circumstances pardonable. Comes with big fold-out poster too with photos of disabled Vietnam vets and flag draped coffins."
- The Big Takeover



1. "Die For Oil, Sucker" (9:30)
2. "Pledge Of Allegiance" (4:01)

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Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra

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