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virus438 THE DICKS
These People
virus438 (2012) LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable | CD - $12.00
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Phase 2 of the Dicks begins in San Francisco, 1983. Gary Floyd relocates to a new city and re-forms the groundbreaking Dicks with a new lineup. They begin to move away from hardcore while still retaining their political edge, creating a more mature sound with drummer Lynn Perko, guitarist Tim Carroll, and bassist Sebastian Fuchs. They recorded a single and an LP - Peace? and These People respectively. They disbanded in 1986 and Gary and Lynn went on to form Sister Double Happiness.

The digital and CD versions contain the complete studio output (Peace? 7" & These People LP) of the 2nd incarnation of the Dicks. The LP and Peace? 7" of this incarnation are available as separate releases. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present this document of essential mid-80s punk from San Francisco remastered with love by Jello Biafra.

Check out this other record from the Dicks: Kill From The Heart

"In my mind, the DICKS can do no wrong. Any self-respecting punk should already know that they blazed a trail for queer punks and freaks way back in the early '80s and their impact can still be felt to this day. This album captures Gary Floyd (vocals) after he moved from Texas to San Francisco and reformed the band with an all-new lineup. Many of my friends disregard this era of the band, because the DICKS moved away from hardcore and pursued a more "mature" sound, but I still like it a lot. Sure, it's not as immediately gratifying as Hate The Police or Kill From The Heart, but these songs move me in a different way by showcasing Floyd's gutsy, soulful voice and through more complex musicianship at that. "Dead In A Motel Room," "Off Duty Sailor," and "Sidewalk Begging" are all classics to me. Digging deeper, we find their ode to the fallen Black Panther, George Jackson. I can't help but sing along in solidarity when Floyd intones, "You were my heeero!"
This CD also tacks on the 3-song "Peace?" 7-inch at the end- these songs are closer to the original sound of the DICKS. Throughout those 3 songs, the band is spitting venom against war and apolitical fuckheads. "No Fuckin' War" lurches along viciously and insistently, providing gang vocals that should be the staple chant of any anti-war protest. The CD closes with the excellent "I Hope You Get Drafted," which catches the band at their late-years' peak. The DICKS are untouchable (pun sort of intended).
- Maximumrocknroll



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