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virus437 THE DICKS
Kill From The Heart
virus437 (2012) LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00 | CD - $12.00
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Finally! The Dicks reissue that everyone has been waiting for!

Let's go back in time to Austin Texas, 1980 - Before SXSW, there was a bar called Raul's that was the center of the Austin scene... actually, that was pretty much the whole scene and the Dicks were born from it. The Dicks made a big splash with their first single Hate The Police and then recorded Kill From The Heart just before moving to San Francisco. In the magical 2 years of the Dicks infancy in Texas, they made a dynamic impact on many people with a stellar live show mixing punk and politics. The original line-up for the Dicks was singer Gary Floyd, guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot, and drummer Pat Deason. They imploded in 1983.

What we have here is a very necessary CD and LP reissue of their 1st LP (CD and digital download include the bonus tracks of their debut 7") The LP and 7" comprise the complete studio output of the original lineup. If you aren't familiar with Kill From The Heart, then you need to be aware of this bona- fide classic of Reagan-era punk - a record that inspired many of the artists that inspired you. the songs "Hate The Police" "Kill From The Heart" and "Wheelchair Epidemic" have been covered by Mudhoney, The Spits, & Jesus Lizard respectively. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present this very important document of essential early 80s punk from Austin remastered with love by Jello Biafra.

Check out our other Dicks reissue These People as well as the companion 7-inch to "Kill From The Heart," Hate The Police 7" that our pals over at 1-2-3-4-Go! just reissued too!

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret: the DICKS "Kill From The Heart" is so goddamn special, so criminally under-released and so essential, that Maximumrocknroll broke its own rules to lend out its green-taped SST original walk out these doors and into the capable hands of Alternative Tentacles, who handled the re-releasing of this Texas punk masterpiece, remastered by Jello himself.
The CD version includes the tracks from their debut "Hate The Police" EP as well, in a representation of the entire Austin-based lineup.
Born outta the pressure cooker of the Reagan era, the DICKS were "faggot commie" freaks from Austin that played a blues-tinged brand of urgent, intensely political, cheeky, queer punk rock. Front queen Gary Floyd strikes an unforgettable pose with classics like, "Anti-Klan," "No Nazi's Friend" and the working-class sneer of "Rich Daddy" ("No, I never had one!"). The DICKS inimitable swagger cast a huge net of influence over punk rock for years to come, so for those unfortunate few of you unacquainted, now is the time to have yourself an essential missing piece of the puzzle."
- Maximumrocknroll



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