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virus439 ALICE DONUT
Freaks In Love
virus439 (2012) CD + DVD - out of print

Only available in stores for Record Store Day- Saturday April 21, 2012- across the planet! Ask your store to order it from Revolver, Cargo U.K., Cargo Germany, or Sonic Rendevous.

Legendary NYC underground psychedelic punk rock group Alice Donut celebrates its 25th (and counting) anniversary this year. Their melodic, heavy, odd-metered yet deeply grooved takes on the petty humiliations and sick joys of life have earned them a diehard fanbase since 1987. To mark this special occasion, Alternative Tentacles and the band present a special Record Store Day, limited-edition 25th anniversary package that includes two CDs of fully remixed and re- mastered versions of 25 songs selected by the band's fans in an online poll, plus a DVD of the new documentary on the band from 120dB Films and Duotone Films.

Alice Donut is impossible to categorize. Mixing garage, folk, punk, metal, Kurt Weill, noise, glam and danzón with shamelessly inappropriate harmonies, their music is a disorienting hybrid of chaos and hooks often punctuated with brass instrumentation and lyrics that take on life's perversities. They've retained a large cult following through the years as a magnet for the sweaty freaks, hyper-literate fringe-dwellers, paranoid misanthropes and worshipers of the 100-watt mosh. Alice Donut has made a career of creating the wrong music at the wrong time for the wrong people and somehow doing it, oddly, right.

The DVD documentary Freaks in Love: A Quarter Century in Underground Rock with Alice Donut includes interviews with Jello Biafra, Greg Werckman, Martin Bisi, Curt Kirkwood and many others. It explores what it took to navigate the world of underground rock from the band's humble mid-'80s beginnings at CBGB's and signing to Alternative Tentacles, through the relentless touring of over 1,500 shows throughout the US and Europe (including performing in front of 40,000 people at Reading Festival, touring with Blind Melon, the Meat Puppets and more), to negotiating the major label feeding frenzy of the mid-'90s culminating with a look at how changing times affect a long-running underground band.

Only 500 copies made!



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