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American Exports
virus434 (2011) 7"+download - $5.00 - temp. unavailable
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Back in 2008, legendary Australian punk group The Hard-Ons teamed up with "America's Funnyman" Neil Hamburger on reluctant vocals to create this hilarious and improbable punk rock artifact. Recorded in Sydney, and originally released in a small pressing on the German label Red Lounge Records, it immediately went out of print and has been highly sought after ever since. Alternative Tentacles is proud to reissue this classic, which includes covers of the Sick Things' "Committed To Suicide" and Black Flag's "Six Pack" as well as two originals.

The Hard-Ons have been churning out killer punk rock on a number of international labels since 1985. Neil Hamburger has released a number of comedy titles on the Drag City label, in addition to making numerous TV appearances. First 500 copies available on mystery colored vinyl!

HARD-ONS with NEIL HAMBURGER - American Exports by AlternativeTentacles

"Come on, how can you NOT buy it!?

"In the most noodle-headed artistic collaboration since Carrot Top joined Van Halen, Australian punk rockers The Hard-Ons met with Neil Hamburger at Sydney's Megaphon Studio in March 2008 to record two original compositions and two cover tunes. The results? Startling! Against all odds, Neil Hamburger's nerdy and stuffed-nose vocals somehow sound inappropriate and out of place when set against high-speed hardcore punk. I know! I couldn't believe it either! Luckily, the songs are hooky, the lyrics are hilarious, and you're a Neil Hamburger fan.

"The originals display that trademark Hamburger wit while allowing the Hard-Ons to cook dinner with some thrash attack hardcore and radio-ready midtempo pop-punk. The old school hardcore occurs during "American Exports," in which Neil reprises an Inside Neil Hamburger routine by frantically reeling off a laundry list of terrible things that Australia has imported from the U.S. (including Extreme-Flavor Pringle's, the National Treasure films, Paris Hilton and Yo La Tengo) before concluding "Anti-depressants! Anti-depressants! Now we're going to need more anti-depressants!" And thematically speaking, the radio-ready pop-punk must occur in "Young Punks," in which Neil contrasts the young mall punks "happy with all the stuff they can buy" with the bitter old punks "needing corneal transplants of the eye." He sounds considerably more comfortable performing his vocals against this slower and less aggressive melody, so it's not too surprising when he ends the track by (a) admitting that he hates punk rock and is just doing this record for the money, and (b) throwing in a Simon & Garfunkel reference."
- Mark Prindle



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