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The Presidents Of The United Mistakes
pig020 (2011) CD - $8.00
Who the fuck is Citizen Useless? Formed in Jakarta in 2006 by the collective pooling of blue-collar sweat and beer-vomit. Citizen Useless was inevitable as there was nothing else for this bunch of guys to do other than make loud distorted music, drink scotch and the local Indonesian "anggur-merah", and masturbate to thoughts of half-naked punker bitches wearing 3-week-old underwear.

Citizen Useless' blend of high-intensity music, distorted guitars and intense live shows, have been compared to Gorilla Biscuits, NOFX, Reagan Youth, U.S. Bombs, Warzone and Agnostic Front. Their first live demo CD received praise when it was release in 2008 and their first full-length studio CD was launched in August 2009 to much applause. Through tireless D.I.Y. efforts and unbending commitment, this motley crew of misfits hope to one day be personally satisfied with what they are doing. If not, they all plan to give up music and become bajaj drivers.

"Punk is not dead, but in Indonesia's Aceh province it is taking a beating. The authorities there began a crack-down on punks last year, accusing them of violating the province's code of Islamic law. A couple of weeks ago, amongst the usual clutch of gamblers, was a couple allegedly caught having sex in public. They were each caned nine times. But what caught my eye wasn't the public humiliation or corporal punishment, it was the fact the pair were dubbed "punks" by the official in charge. I must admit, I don't know if either of these two had ever heard of the Sex Pistols, or indeed if they were really punks at all. But it's worth noting because the anti-punk purge in Aceh, and the response, captures some of the essential elements of life in Indonesia. It's a sort of soft-pedalled fascism: conservative and violent, without being what the rest of the world would call extremist & at the same time it's vibrant and defiant. Here in Jakarta the band Citizen Useless has taken up the cause."
- Correspondents Report

"CITIZEN USELESS: The Presidents of the United Mistakes: CD" Just days after I reviewed the debut album of Jakarta's Citizen Useless in 2011, the news broke globally of the struggle of Indonesian punks abused and harassed by authorities. I understand that Citizen Useless hail from a more tolerant part of Indonesia, but it's still challenging to separate those horrifying news stories from this great CD. Harder and less melodic (although no less catchy) than their debut full length, this is a very, very strong follow up. These guys are pissed and rail against the same things punks always have, but with an uncommonly solemn edge. Just try to shave these kids' heads, pigs! That's not happening."
- Razorcake


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