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This Is Berkeley Not West Bay
zaf006 (2011) 7"+download - $6.00
Classic East Bay punk repressed! 4 early songs from the class of 1994 924 Gilman d.i.y. punk, including later AT band DEAD AND GONE! Also here are BLACK FORK, SCREW 32, and AFI. These are the 1st or almost 1st official appearances of all 4 bands. Hand-numbered, limited pressing on white vinyl. Comes with free mp3s! VERY LIMITED NUMBER- DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!

"Sure, you'll come for the AFI and Screw 32, but you'll stay for the Black Fork and Dead And Gone.
Seriously though, as tempting as it is to bag on AFI, they were really good once, and they have the second best song on this comp (Black Fork wins this one)."
- One Sided War


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