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virus424 (2011) CD - $12.00 | LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
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Citizen Fish's 8th full-length follows the success of their Alternative Tentacles/Fat Wreck Deadline split with Leftover Crack.

This is one of the most anticipated AT releases of 2011!

First, the history: Citizen Fish formed in Bath, UK in 1989 following the splits of Subhumans and Culture Shock. They have been delivering their unique ska-infused punk rock to eager audiences while touring across the world the past two decades. Dick Lucas' frantic vocal delivery combined with the catchy riffs and driving punk of their unforgettable live performances continues to earn CF legions of new fans and brings working class radical politics to generations of questioning minds. These guys truly are the masters of mixing punk with ska, and they top that off with sharply observed politically charged lyrics that don't preach, but encourage you to question, and to think!

"The only band alive not featuring septuagenarian Jamaicans that can incorporate ska without embarrassing themselves! Dick Lucas' timeless (though 70s-ish) urgent, convincing punk vocals mixed with the ska-party vibe of the instrumentation adds up to that punky reggae party we heard so much about back in the day but never really experienced."
- Rocktober

"Eighth album from this British Ska-Punk legend, and it has to be said, this could be the band's best yet. That's not said in haste either as Dick Lucas has been responsible for some of the most thoughtful, intelligent and questioning lyrics I've ever read. From his SUBHUMANS days, through CULTURE SHOCK and onto CITIZEN FISH, he is probably THE lyricist responsible for changing my way of thinking. This album seems somewhat smoother than past CF albums, often recalling the greatness of THE SPECIALS - especially on 'Fearless'. Best track is "Free Speech' with a twisting arrangement, yell-a-long chorus and another set of fantastic, socially-observant and witty lyrics. Elsewhere 'Better' cruises on an addictive brass-lead melody evoking CULTURE SHOCK 'How Far Does It Go?' that addresses some of the macho insecurities and hypocrisies that exist within our Punk scene and 'Marker Pen' that sees Dick trading vocal lines with bassist Jasper to stunning effect. Lyrics are presented in an excellent fold-sleeve, production is bold and, surprisingly for a band eight albums in, you could be looking at Album of the Year."
- Scanner Web Zine

"CITIZEN FISH were ska-punk before is was cool, they were ska-punk when it was cool, and 20 years on, they are still dishing out brilliantly crafted political ska-punk. Dick's lyrics have not been this biting and spot-on in fukkn years, and if these tunes don't make you want to dance, then you might want to have your pulse checked. The '80s vibe that was sneaking into 2007's Deadline split is front and center here in songs like "Marker Pen," "Overseas" and "Insane," and the horns take as many leads as the guitars. The happily drunk rock steady swagger of "Fearless" combines with the song's very serious lyrical approach - it's the very essence of what makes this band great: just because the world is fukkd doesn't mean we shouldn't have a party while we are trying to make it better. The CITIZEN FISH discography is excellent, and their sound is totally unique even while staying basically within the confines of ska/punk, but Goods shines even in the context of their previous work. I will be listening to this one a lot."
- Maximum Rock and Roll



1. "Shelf Life" (2:51)
2. "Free Speech" (4:10)
3. "Human Conditioner" (3:12)
4. "Overseas" (3:32)
5. "Better" (3:38)
listen to "Better"   MP3 (8.3 MB)
6. "Click" (3:24)
7. "How Far Does It Go?" (3:01)
8. "Insane" (3:34)
listen to "Insane"   MP3 (6.0 MB)
9. "Marker Pen" (2:52)
10. "Fearless" (3:37)
11. "Discomfort Zone" (3:17)
12. "Spotless" (2:29)
13. "Wake Up" (4:06)

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