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Right Now! The World Needs A Clear Head
pfr001 (2010) CD - $8.00
Satire, oddity, and unique songwriting dominate on this self-released CD-EP from one of the more obscure (yet incredibly wild and catchy) punk bands of the 1980's. Porcelain Forehead from Ottawa, Ontario have been playing since the 80's, and this 8-song offering showcases some of the best material recorded over the last 20-something years! The first six tracks comprise the original 6-song EP, along with two new ones from 2010. Trust us, the new tracks are just as twisted and kickin' as the classics! This is weird, rockin', psychedelipunk (with an emphasis on the punk!) fit for fans of fellow weirdos Crucifucks or early Butthole Surfers; check them out already!

"PORCELAIN FOREHEAD were a punk band from Ottawa who's claim to fame was getting a song on the "P.E.A.C.E." comp. And what a song that was. It was called "Will Amerika" and I have never heard of it appearing anywhere else. So one would hope that there was more of this material. Well there was. An ep with six songs that I think might have been self-released. And now in 2010 the band has seen fit to convert this into a digital format with a couple of extra songs that were recorded this year. They are in the same school as the CRUCIFUCKS or TH'INBRED with a lots of humour given to drive home the farce of everyday life. Mike Hillis' vocals remind me of the Ed from the RHYTHM PIGS. It's good to finally hear these songs that have long been out of print. It would have been nice if the songs from the "P.E.A.C.E." comp, "Primitive Air Raid", "Blender Mix", "Cassettera", and "Ontario: Yours to discover" would have been compiled along with the ep."
- Equalizing Distort


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