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We See Monsters
bak024 (2010) CDEP - $6.00 | 12"EP - $10.00

Street Eaters are a toughie to nail down, but they're sort of like a more pop-oriented, tighter Flipper without the heroin. Okay, that's not quite right - they have this infectious jangly sound and all these hooks to lure you in, somewhat similar to Hate Mail Express or other bands of the SPAM Records ilk, simultaneously sloppy and tight. Both members (yes, there's only two) contribute vocals, and hey, they actually sing, not scream! Remember when bands did that? Take it from us, their live shows are not to be missed! Features John from Fleshies and Triclops! and Megan March.

"Delicious-er than donuts! This record makes me feel like a fraud trying to review records because I can't stop listening to it, I genuinely love it, and for the goddamndest life of me I can't begin to describe it. It is definitely intense, and as a drum and bass and weird singing-only punk record it's its own thing, but that doesn't begin to tell you why this is good. It's heavy but not burdensome, dark but kind of joyful, weird but really catchy. I guess historically I have really been impressed with a lot of dude/lady two piece bands, but I actually couldn't tell what this configuration was the first 80 times I listened to it. Basically, I'll have what they're eating. On the street."
- Roctober Magazine

"...We See Monsters is a corking record. It's a mere 6 songs and 20ish minutes long, but Street Eaters have come up with a great sound here. The band is a two piece, ignoring guitar and just piling through each song in a whirlwind of bass and drums and dual male / female vocals. The best bit about the latter is when they draw out the syllables all emo-ly, like early Rainer Maria. The tracks are really stripped down and there is nothing mathy or laboured about this, just sinewy basslines and primal, Moss Icon style drumming. I bet this band is an intense joy to witness. Overall the sound lies nicely alongside such outfits as Tubers, Tiny Hawks and the G, a sort of mish mash of post punk high IQ, punk rock bludgeon and emo intensity. It's a killer combo, and as they rumble through this record, each song has it's own little touches that hook you in. 'Eating Worms' may be the standout track, nudging along on a bed of repetition, bass and drums rolling together and the vocals tangling and seperating very nicely indeed. Excellent record, one of my favourites of 2009 especially as it came completely out of nowhere for me."
- Collective Zine (U.K.)

"Six songs by two Bay Area folks who resurrect the off-kilter punk aggression of Blatz and Flipper and drag it kicking and screaming through the well thought-out energy, simplicity, and harmony of This Bike Is A Pipebomb and Shellshag. The 12" format allows this band to construct songs that pick a direction and slowly-yet confidently-progress in that almost Zen Arcade-type way, as opposed to their previous 7"s. Definitely a fine release, just would have appreciated more than six songs on the record."
- Razorcake



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