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The Widower DVD & Soundtrack CD
virus408 (2010) CD + DVD - $15.00

One of the most asked-about Biafra-related projects finally sees the light of day! Never available for sale and rarely shown outside of Canada, this surreal black romantic comedy features Jello Biafra, Joey "Shithead" Keithley, Ani Kyd, and Nardwuar The Human Serviette. The DVD comes with the star-studded, never released soundtrack featuring DOA, Neko Case And Her Boyfriends, The Evaporators, Coal, The Loudmouths, Huevos Rancheros, Thee Goblins, and more!

Director Marcus Rogers has created an instant cult classic. Inspired by the sinister visions of David Lynch, and the colorful comic book camp of John Waters, "The Widower" is a cartoonish world of decay in a timeless, nameless city, where the very fringes of reality are starting to unravel. This is especially true for Milton, the nebbish romantic widower who is unable to face the reality of his wife's demise... But why should he? She still talks to him.

"The Widower" is a creepy, kitschy comedy about love and death, blood, cops, and donuts, that has some surprisingly sweet touches amongst the corpses, punk rock, and out-sized characters!

"The Widower" is being released in conjunction with the Terminal City Ricochet DVD + Soundtrack CD!

Original b&w short film
Making of "The Widower"
Uncensored Electronic Press Kit
Production Stills
Coal "Alone, I Honeymoon" music video
79 minutes, color, stereo, full screen, 1999, Not Rated, NTSC Region 0
Directed by Marcus Rogers (For Those Aboot To Rock & many DOA videos).

Track 1 / Space Dust; The Astronuts
Track 2 / To Serve, Protect and Entertain; The Smugglers
Track 3 / Just Once for Kicks; Chris Houston
Track 4 / White Out in Wyoming; Huevos Rancheros
Track 5 / World Falls Apart; DOA
Track 6 / Saki to Me; The Loudmouths
Track 7 / 100%; Elvis Love Child
Track 8 / 2x4; Thee Goblins
Track 9 / Sidecar; The Mach III's
Track 10 / Four Arabs in a Red Fury; Sarcastic Mannequins
Track 11 / Champagne X; The Problematics
Track 12 / Bad Seed; Bughouse 5
Track 13 / Jettison; Neko Case and Her Boyfriends
Track 14 / The Sacrifice; Coal
Track 15 / By Your Side; The Colorifics

All Region Compatible NTSC!

"A fast-paced, funny, dark, surreal comedy that works."
- Cultcuts

"Up-your-nose silliness... a John Waters-worthy campathon!"
- The Georgia Straight

"Very funny... manages to breath the same air as cult luminaries as John Waters, David Lynch, and John Pozer."
- Discorder

"This is a pretty Z-movie to watch, especially considering... the cameos by Jello Biafra, Joey Shithead, and Nardwuar. You will not laugh or cry or become The Widower, but you'll never be as judgemental about necrophilia again!
Bonus features include a CD of the soundtrack (with some great tracks by Nardwuar's Goblins band, Smugglers, D.O.A., and Coal)"
- Rocktober

"You can pretty much run down the cult film checklist with this one. Rarely, though is there a film you could describe as suitable for the whole family and an erotic celebration of blood and deviance. The Widower, from director Marcus Rogers, is simultaneously wholesome and comically grotesque. It's a heart-warming love story of a pedophiliac and his dead bride, fighting, against all odds the criticism and intolerance of society.
Every character is a caricature: from the obsessive and snooping neighbor, to the fierce and controlling sister-in-law; from the helpless and fumbling widower unable to live alone, to the lazy and incompetent cops (one seemingly the bald, idiot dead ringer for Michael Chiklis) who are themselves wrapped up in their own homosexual reverie. The characters are lifeless stereotypes, more dead than the corpses that slowly added up throughout the movie.
The soundtrack shifts from horror movie drone to slow 50s love songs to punk rock as it guides us through the film. Throughout, the music seems to force the desired emotional responses out of the audience, heavy-handed, but intentionally so. This is also reflected in the canned memory montages. Every aspect of the film seems to be driving at exciting all of the trite emotions one might expect. It reaches a point where the viewer feels nothing but the absurdity of the moment.
The Widower carries no pretensions. Its nice to see that it's not even above cracking a few sexually explicit jokes now and again, although at times it seems to fill in for a lack of worthwhile dialog. The movie is clearly aware of itself as a satire. It seems to take on so many objects of ridicule that you have a hard time keeping track. Even in the details it mocks itself and the broader cultural norms—a gaudy apartment, crawling with flies, adorned with the reprints of the most cliché paragons of classic art.
Watching this film one feels much like the bystanders in it. What exactly are we supposed to do with this man dragging his dead wife around town for donuts, a night out, a 'stroll' on the beach? The point is, it doesn't really matter. Everyone is indifferent, everything happens without rhyme or reason, so let's just "'wipe the earth clean,'" as the kitsch Dracula character demands, and start over from scratch."
- Pendu



1. "Space Dust" by The Astronuts(2:51)
2. "To Serve, Protect, and Entertain" by The Smugglers(1:42)
3. "Just Once For Kicks" by Chris Houston(3:53)
4. "White Out in Wyoming" by Huevos Rancheros(1:58)
5. "World Falls Apart" by DOA(3:43)
6. "Saki To Me" by The Loudmouths(1:42)
7. "100%" by Elvis Love Child(2:19)
8. "2x4" by Thee Goblins(1:30)
9. "Sidecar" by Mach III's(2:18)
10. "Four Arabs in a Red Fury" by Sarcastic Mannequins(3:06)
11. "Champagne X" by The Problematics(3:20)
12. "Bad Seed" by Bughouse 5(2:41)
13. "Jettison" by Neko Case And Her Boyfriends(3:16)
14. "The Sacrifice" by Coal(4:20)
15. "By Your Side" by The Colorifics(4:15)

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