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Terminal City Ricochet DVD & Soundtrack CD
virus407 (2010) CD + DVD - $15.00 - temp. unavailable
One of the most asked-about Biafra-related projects finally sees the light of day! Never available on VHS and rarely shown outside of Canada, this dystopian vision is as timely as ever!

Bundled with the classic soundtrack that we released in 1989, this DVD + Soundtrack CD is a must-have for anyone who loves punk, Jello Biafra, incisive media critiques like "Network" & "Wag The Dog," and/or dystopian nightmares like "1984" & "Brazil."

Welcome to Terminal City-one of only five livable places left on Earth.

Telegenic Mayor Ross Glimore (Peter Breck, The Big Valley, Shock Corridor), is king of all media, and rules as a virtual dictator. To maintain his grip on power he must stage an election, and for that he needs fresh fear. Enter Alex Stevens (Mark Bennett), a fed-up, cynical newspaper delivery boy who happens to witness Glimore run over one of his own supporters in his car, and leave the scene of the accident.

Glimore and his Rove-wellian henchman Bruce Coddle (Jello Biafra) hatch a plot to brand Alex "the #1 terrorist threat" (based on his connection to rock'n'roll music which, along with meat, is banned) to cow Terminal City into submission and steal another tabloid election.

Alex flees underground, where he stumbles into a resistance movement led in part by his newfound friend Beatrice (Lisa Brown), and a fugitive brain-damaged goalie from the Glimore-owned hockey team, unforgettably portrayed by two-time Genie Award® winner Germaine Houde (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Les bons Débarras 1980, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Un Zoo la Nuit 1987).

Alex finds himself caught up in a plot to bring Glimore down, with the not-so-secret police (D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley and pro-wrestling legend Gene Kiniski) hot on the trail.

"Terminal City Ricochet" is being released in conjunction with the The Widower DVD + Soundtrack CD!

Original theatrical trailer
1992 & 2006 interviews with Jello Biafra
D.O.A. "Behind The Smile" music video & photo montage
I, Braineater "Modern Man" music video
107 minutes, color, stereo, full screen, 1990, Not Rated, NTSC Region 0.
Director: Zale Dalen (Skip Tracer & episodes of "21 Jump Street," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Friday The 13th," & "Airwolf"!).

1. "Behind The Smile" by D.O.A.
2. "Television" by The Beatnigs
3. "Falling Space Junk (Hold the Anchovies)" by Jello Biafra & Nomeansno
4. "Modern Man" by I, Braineater
5. "Living With The Lies" by Gerry Hannah
6. "War Party" by Art Bergmann
7. "That's Progress" by Jello Biafra & D.O.A.
8. "Madhouse" by Evan Johns & His H-Bombs
9. "It's Catching Up" by Nomeansno
10. "Pull The Trigger, Sunshine!" by The Groovaholics
11. "Concrete Beach" by D.O.A.
12. "Message From Our Sponsor / Object - Subject" by Jello Biafra & Keith LeBlanc

All Region Compatible NTSC!

"People should watch this before every American election."
— Jello Biafra

"I'm kind of shocked I never heard of this punk rock dystopia epic, not only because it's pretty good and ridiculous, but also because it's pretty damn good and ridiculous. What should by all accounts be a totally no budget film somehow crafts totally believable post-cultural apocalypse hellscapes, a credible exposed brain child special effect, and the best story of rock n roll terrorism since Bono led that real-life African coup.
Just chalk it up to Canadian know-how. And there you have the reason few ever heard of this film- it's way too Canadian to gain Repo Man cult status.
It's hard for the other 194 countries of earth to wrap its collective head around a world where the virtuous messianic figure is a punch drunk hockey player and where a victorious revolution is celebrated by having a D.O.A. dance party!
...Joey [Shithead] deftly plays a goon, and speaking of punk thespianism, Jello Biafra does his best ever acting as a vile villain...
This is great, and the bonus CD of D.O.A. and Nomeansno songs (amongst others) is worth its weight in Canadian dollars!"
- Rocktober



1. "Behind the Smile" by DOA(3:23)
2. "Television" by The Beatnigs(5:18)
3. "Falling Space Junk (Hold the Anchovies)" by Jello Biafra & Nomeansno(3:14)
4. "Modern Man" by I, Braineater(3:22)
5. "Living With the Lies" by Gerry Hannah(3:37)
6. "War Party" by Art Bergmann(3:35)
7. "That's Progress" by Jello Biafra & DOA(3:00)
8. "Madhouse" by Evan Johns & His H-Bombs(5:58)
9. "It's Catching Up" by Nomeansno(3:30)
10. "Pull the Trigger, Sunshine!" by The Groovaholics(4:25)
11. "Concrete Beach" by DOA(3:09)
12. "Message From Our Sponsor/Object-Subject" by Jello Biafra & Keith LeBlanc(5:11)

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