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Petr & The Wulf
virus421 (2010) LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00

Brand New!

The first installment in a multi-album set describing The Kinnery of Lupercalia, Petr & The Wulf is the correct telling of a story about which most have been woefully misinformed. This truth is courtesy of Munly (known as both a solo artist and as the co-frontman of Slim Cessna's Auto Club) and his extremely talented backing band, The Lupercalians (which includes Daniel Grandbois of Slim Cessna's Auto Club and Tarantella).

Often described as thinkin' man's country music, Munly has a wide vocal range which, on top of the Lupercalians' dark, often sensuous string arrangements, makes for a unique, spare sound that remains long after the music stops.

As with his previous Alternative Tentacles release, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, this goth-twang-country masterpiece was recorded and mixed by Bob Ferbrache (Blood Axis, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Tarantella) at Absinthe Studios in Denver, Colorado.

The record begins with Petr, "the last of the Northrops," who tells how he will bring his people back to greatness by rescuing Grandfater from the Bedlam. The Three Wise Hunters let all know that they can be hired to rid the land of whatever menace is present. The Wulf tells of his love for the Northrops despite their continued refusal of his offerings.

Munly writes, "Hopefully you will accept the current Lupercalians offering with open heart and understanding mind."

"This is another very unique album, so thanks to our fearless editor for sending me the cool, odd stuff that I love. The band describes themselves as "gothic twang country," or "thinking man's country." Actually, the only thing really country about it is the use of banjo. Other than that, it's thickly orchestrated with strings, piano, trumpet, synth, percussion, and loads of other interesting instruments. The band has some interesting back-story about who the Lupercalians are (Lupercalia is a country). And this really doesn't have anything to do with Prokofiev's famous masterpiece. But the tracks sure follow the chara"cters, with titles such as "Peter," "Grandfater," "Bird," "Cat," "Duk," "Three Wise Hunters," and "Wulf." There's really no genre to put this into, no good way to describe it - other than to say it's really interesting and good. I especially like "Duk," which is a real toe-tapper good ol' time not really country tune. Fun stuff."
- Jersey Beat

"An oddball from Denver City, Munly is also a keen innovator. Melting gothic folkpunk and fingerpickin' acoustics, Munly and his Lupercalians provide a nice shamrock bonanza. This upgrading of the Prokofiev's children's story is surprising with its plentiful twists. The lyrics are included in very small lettering in the CD booklet, so I suggest you buy the LP and do not strain your eyes too much. The main themes are power and greed. The first dramatic highlight is the rolling 'Grandfater'.
Here theatre meets a strumming of snares. It seems as if the original (mainly brass) instrumentation of 1936 was only partly used on Munly's album. Gradually, the orchestration gets more complex with some folky rap music in the epilogue by the Wolf himself. By then, the album has turned into opera. 'Petr & The Wulf' features great ideas... The Lupercalians are in excellent form."
- Penny Black Music

"For those of you who are not familiar with Jay Munly, I should suggest to pick up as quickly as possible on this man, cuase he and his music are surely a nice addition to your collection. In short Jay Munly is a part of slim Cessnas Auto Club a band from Denver, Colorado that mixes Gothic Americana with country and gospel. Ina style reminiscent to Sixteen Horsepower, Slim Cessnas Auto Club brings you tunes about violence, love and religion amongst other things. Munly keeps on using the same style and music but his lyrics and stories are a bit different.
For this one he inspired himself by the old tale of Sergei Prokoviev, "Peter and the wolf." The album reads like an concept album and that is exactly what it is. Petr & the Wulf is the first part of a multi album-set about the imaginary town Lupercalia and the people who live there. As usual with this kind of music the serious and often dark string arrangements keep lingering on long after the music stops, evoking often atmospheres that would accompany nicely a dark or scary movie.
Petr & the Wulf is in a dark goth-twang-country masterpiece recorded by Alternative Tentacles' Bob Ferbrache (Blood Axis, Slim Cessnas Auto Club, Tarantella). The result surly is fine example of what of the Colorado scene and a must have for each of you who dig bands like Wovenhand, Sixteen Horsepower, The Denver Broncos UK, Passion Fodder, Lilium and assorted acts."
- Billy Bop

"This sounds like one long theme song for a Wiccan/Were-warlock telenovela on the Renaissance Faire-circut equivalent of cable (maybe such a thing involves Punch and Judy-style puppets and, if you pay for HD, mushroom distribution). I am not implying that this falls into any lame poseur Wiccan/were-warlock scene... this is hardcore!"
- Rocktober



1. "Scarewulf" (5:02)
2. "Petr" (4:38)
3. "Grandfater" (5:38)
4. "Three Wise Hunters" (5:05)
5. "Bird" (6:34)
6. "Cat" (4:19)
7. "Duk" (8:18)
8. "Wulf" (8:11)

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