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Knight Vision: Hymns For The Invisible Church
virus420 (2010) LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00
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The Christian rock scene is replete with slick, careerist bands whose lyrics gingerly tread on the ecumenical outskirts of religious allusions in an attempt to alienate as few mainstream rock consumers as possible. Itʼs no wonder that the Knights of the New Crusade, with their resolute unconcern for compromise (Matthew 16:26), became a flashpoint for contention in both the Christian and secular rock music worlds.

Their first album, 2004's My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours! combined gut level garage punk music and unrepentantly Christian lyrics in a way that made Christian rock relevant in a way it had never been before. The Pharisees of the Christian rock establishment were quick to make their disapproval known, and the Knights of the New Crusade answered with their Kierkegaardean opus Knight Beat: A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom, a rallying cry for true disciples of Christ who were tired of the hypocritical Christianity prevalent in our society.

Now, the Knights of the New Crusade and Alternative Tentacles bring you Knight Vision: Hymns for the Invisible Church, a rich and deep tapestry displaying their spiritual, intellectual, and musical development. An Eastern mysticism may be identified amidst the solid garage rock foundations, but do not let such elements obfuscate the nature of Knightsʼ dedication to Christendom.

The Knights unveil The Invisible Church for all to see!

"Knights of the New Crusade = Lamps + 13th Floor Elevators + The Clearways
I'm gonna knock Jello Biafra in the kisser the next time I run into him. They've gone and signed these morons. Knights of the New Crusade are a bunch of fundamentalist Christians famous for their controversial songs about the immoral evils of homosexuality and the near-certainty of scorching hellfire sometime in the not-so-distant future. Although musically this is some great garage/psych (minus the vocals, which are constantly off-key and plagued by some weird speech impediment—an allusion to Moses, perhaps?), I absolutely hate everything these assholes are doing, all of which they do without even the slightest hint of irony. With constant Bible-quoting and song titles like "He Stands and Knocks at the Door" and "God is Not a Mushroom," this album is entertaining, sure, but I would die before I called it "good.""
- Slug Magazine



A1. "He Stands And Knocks At The Door" (2:44)
A2. "The Lord Dwelleth Not In Temples?" (1:13)
A3. "The Shepard's Warning" (3:42)
A4. "Dark Knight Of Soul" (2:40)
A5. "Love-Fear" (2:49)
A6. "Common Wisdom" (1:28)
A7. "God Is Not A Mushroom (LSD: Battle Of The Mind)" (1:12)
A8. "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Dead" (1:40)
A9. "The Fire Of Love: The Highest Santity" (0:44)
B1. "Revelation On High" (3:09)
B2. "Harrowing Of Hell" (1:48)
B3. "Waiting For The Kingdom Of Heaven?" (2:56)
B4. "The Strange Exorcist" (1:21)
B5. "Baal" (4:52)
B6. "Abode Of Wisdom" (7:10)

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Knights of the New Crusade

Knights of the New Crusade

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