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virus418 DASH RIP ROCK
Call of the Wild
virus418 (2010) CD - $12.00
Call of the Wild is a true southern party record! It's a tribute to all the insane theme bands that played the Deep South bar circuit back in the 70's. It mixes Stax-era dirty soul with rootsy garage punk, funky country rock with low country shag. Every song is about partying, being at a party or the characters you might meet at a party.

Inspiration for these rowdy tunes came from the Mar-keys, Huey Smith and the Clowns, Swingin' Medallions, Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts, Southern Culture on the Skids, Mojo Nixon, Cowboy Mouth, Otis Day and the Nights, Archie Bell and the Drells and any other southern band that has "and the" in their name.

Bill Davis wrote the majority of the songs with primitive folk artist John Preble of UCM (You-See-Em) Museum fame. They are a study in the art of southern decadence and wild native abandon. In their 25 years of existence, Dash Rip Rock has played every imaginable sort of revel - house parties, pool parties, swamp parties, debutante parties, barn parties, farm parties, biker parties, cowboy parties, Mardi Gras balls, pot parties, ecstasy raves, LSD freakouts and beach blow-outs. Some were fun, wild and exciting - others creepy and terrifying. Through all the numerous days and nights of reckless drinking and excessive overindulgence - Dash never got around to making a "party" record... until now!

Brand New!

"What usually happens with this band and me: I pick up a disc with no recollection of hearing them before yet remembering their name, I do a quick search of them and subsequently dread listening to the disc because I have an admitted aversion to most things associated with the words "southern rock," plop the disc into the player, and find that all the involuntary wincing was totally unwarranted. While the last outing I heard was focused on reinterpreting Dante's Inferno, This time they opt for a full-on part record. Sure, there's no shortage of either the "southern" or the "rock" in evidence here, but there is also much humor, intelligence, soul, dirty funk, and other stuff mixed in as well. Tunes are catchy, fun, and worthy of a spin at your next clambake, and they've even thought to include a fitting cover as the "hidden track" for the next morning."
- Razorcake

"This is the 12th full-lengh release from southern party punks Dash Rip Rock. They've been burning up the stage for over 20 years, starting out as a rockabilly band in the vein of the Stray Cats and then evolving into country-punk ala the Sex Pistols. Call Of The Wild is a concept album that revolves around, you guessed it, partying! "Squeeze It In" gets things off to a start with a sound that immediately reminds me of the Dead Milkmen. The vocals are kind of sultry, shared by Londa Foster and Kari Norwood. "Party 101" is essentially what would happen if the Dead Kennedys mated with a drunken Bruce Springsteen and their demon spawn was delivered by Mojo Nixon. "Call Of The Wild" has funky overtones and would probably work well on a porn soundtrack. Other tracks that tickle my fancy are "Everybody's Gettin' Hooked Up Tonight", "Don't Let The Party Stop" (think of Fishbone if they went cowpunk) and "Squeeze It Out" (highly catchy track that you can hum on the toilet after a sordid night of binge drinking). There's some silence in the middle until 5:33, when they break out in a hilarious cover of "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. I really like this album and I cannot believe that I've never heard of Dash Rip Rock until now. I feel left out. Not to worry. This album is worth checking out if you've got a party mindset and a twisted sense of humor. Check it!"



1. "Squeeze It In" (2:14)
2. "Party 101" (3:30)
3. "Call Of The Wild" (4:21)
4. "Party Hall Of Fame" (5:00)
5. "Meth Lab Girl" (3:57)
6. "Paint The Town Red" (4:22)
7. "Everybody's Gettin' Hooked Up Tonight" (4:55)
8. "A Million Years Ago" (4:46)
9. "Cowbell Girl" (3:32)
10. "Don't Let The Party Stop" (3:20)
11. "The Party's Over" (5:20)
12. "Squeeze It Out" (9:41)

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