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virus415 GIT SOME
Loose Control
virus415 (2010) CD - $12.00 | LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00
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From the ashes of Planes Mistaken For Stars comes Git Some! This is their 2nd record and their 1st with The Bat!

Formed in Chicago in 2003 by guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Keener (both former-PMFS), GIT SOME has morphed through lineup changes/relocation into the lean and mean Denver-based quartet that it is today.  French and Keener take the raw-edged guitar/bass tones and riffs that PMFS was well-known for and render them even spikier and more rhythmically intense.  Lucius Fairchild (vocals) contributes a singular vocal style, balancing a soulful wail and a harsh scream.  This approach works well to express lyrics which avoid broad statements on politics/society in favor of looking inward at a complex, dark, and often disturbing personal inner landscape.   Andrew Lindstrom (drums) provides a solid but constantly-shifting foundation via a combination of beats which outline the basic structure of each song and intense fills that contribute a sense of spontaneity and surprise to the proceedings.

Don't forget their devastating debut, Cosmic Rock!

"Git Some begins their second record by slapping you in the head with the noisy, boisterous "Cool Guys Like You Out of My Life" and they just do not stop hitting you. This entire album is just loud-everything about it is bombastic, thunderous, and unrelenting. This makes complete sense once one learns that former members of Planes Mistaken for Stars Chuck French and Neil Keener are two of the masterminds behind this aural barrage.
None of the thirteen efforts are particularly long, for Git Some swoops in, berates you, and leaves you begging for more abuse with "Fit to Be Tied', "Lick, Lick, Lick" and "Silver Skies", a triumvirate which dwarfs what some bands will ever achieve in a career. The delivery of Lucius Fairchild walks a perilous line between maniacal and affecting, all the while chaos is hemorrhaging around him, as his aforementioned teammates, along with drummer Andrew Lindstrom, stir up intense servings of reckless and seemingly effortless pandemonium. This is confrontational, unrepentant bedlam that is played with a sense of exigency as if the end of the world is nigh and Git Some want to rage as fiercely as possible before the planet's demise.
On the jaw-dropping and jaw-breaking "Entrails for the Altar" and "Broken Bodies Glisten", Git Some produce swirling balls of noise and then reshape them into measured pieces of damaged brilliance. The thick wall of throbbing bass which defines "Tongues" will leave you simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated, while "Number Five" is breath-taking in its intensity as Fairchild bellows "we just woke up" with stark brutality, while the title track gazes dangerously into the abyss before pulling itself back with a monstrous riff. This is the most fun you will have being pummeled by a record."
- Jersey Beat

"Git Some have long been pigeonholed as "that ex-Planes Mistaken For Stars band." But the truth is, Git Some existed before guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Keener joined the final incarnation of Planes- and accordingly, Git Some are their own beast entirely.
Jittery, discordant and blistering, the Denver quartet's new full-length, Loose Control, is actually their tightest release to date. Amid throat-throttling basslines and guitars that veer from classic-rock licks to feedback blitzkriegs, the disc takes abrasive cues from the Monorchid and the Jesus Lizard while conceding territory to stoner-rock low-end. The biggest shock comes from frontman Luke Fairchild; pegged as a batshit-crazy wildman due to his explosive stage antics, here he reveals a lyrical (and even melodic) depth that complements the full-scale chaos. The same could be said of Loose Control as a whole: Scratch the shit-smeared surface and there's a spastic, lethal logic ticking away."
- Alternative Press

"Git Some = Kyuss + Jesus Lizard
Git Some absolutely dominate. Formed by a couple former members of Planes Mistaken For Stars (who broke up right as they were getting recognized), Git Some makes their break up OK by jumping right in where PMFS left off and improving on their vibe. These pimps make some unbelievable, complex, heavy, dirty music. Loose Control, the band's second album, makes me want to go to a dive bar, make out with the raunchiest chick I can find, punch the biggest dude in the bar in the face, slam a gallon of whiskey out of a plastic bottle and on my way home, wreck my bike. I love this band."
- Slug Magazine



1. "Cool Guys Like You Out Of My Life" (2:42)
2. "Always The Hard Way" (2:19)
3. "A Not So Subtle Reminder" (2:32)
4. "Fit To Be Tied" (2:32)
5. "Lick Lick Lick" (2:47)
6. "Silver Skies" (2:27)
7. "There Is So Much Blood" (1:30)
8. "Entrails For The Altar" (3:18)
9. "Broken Bodies Glisten" (3:00)
10. "Tongues" (2:03)
11. "Number Five" (1:58)
12. "Loose Control" (3:13)
13. "Bought The Ticket, Take The Ride" (3:16)

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Git Some

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