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Same Thoughts Different Day
virus404 (2010) CD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable | Gatefold 2xLP - $16.00 - temp. unavailable
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Legendary Canadian punk group Subhumans emerged from the 1978 font of creativity that produced DOA and The Pointed Sticks. They have been part of the Alternative Tentacles family since being included on the infamous "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" compilation and played shows with Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and Bad Brains.

Their first album "Incorrect Thoughts" was released on Vancouver label Friends Records in 1980. They always planned to make their older material available again, but a now defunct San Francisco label had issued an unauthorized version of "Incorrect Thoughts" in the '80s which substituted some remixes without the band's knowledge, included tracks which hadn't made the cut for the original album, and changed the cover art. It was an unpleasant mystery for the band and three decades later the former owner of that label was asserting ownership over the original album, preventing its re-release without an expensive and contentious legal tussle.

The Subhumans decided to meet the challenge to their ownership of their own material by rerecording all of the songs from the "Incorrect Thoughts" album, which they proceeded to do at the Hive Studios in Vancouver, assisted by Jesse Gander. Original members Brian Goble (vocals), Gerry Hannah (bass), Mike Graham (guitar), and newly-recruited drummer Jon Card (formerly with Personality Crisis, SNFU, and DOA among others) got together in 2005 to record a new album of original material, "New Dark Age Parade," for Alternative Tentacles (Virus366) and the band had reactivated into a live entity. The intent was neither to slavishly recreate the old recordings nor to radically reinterpret the songs, but updating the sounds and the recording techniques while maintaining the original spirit of the album. As a bonus, Subhumans recorded six additional songs from the same period for the second 12" of a two LP set, some of which had never been recorded before!

We just uncovered a few "damaged" copies of this with bent corners, still guaranteed to play fine! Super cheap!

"Contemporaries of DOA, they were never as famous as the U.K. [Subhumans], but their their shit holds up. This is a contemporary re-recording of their long out-of-print and unavailable-because-of-fucked-up-copyright-problems LP "Incorrect Thoughts," and it stands up as amazing early punk!"
- Thrasher

"Prevented by a legal dispute from reissuing one of the 50 greatest punk albums ever, their extraordinary, rare 1980 first LP on Friends Records Incorrect Thoughts, Vancouver's Subhumans (not the later English hardcore Subhumans) did something smart. Back from the dead (defunct 1983-2005) and as remarkably determined as they were as younger men, the foursome rerecorded it in compelling fashion, while adding old unrecorded tunes. It would be a shock how sizzling this 2010 version is if we hadn't heard their kicking, spitting 2006 comeback LP, New Dark Age Parade; still, who expected such a credible update, three decades removed? From the outsider manifesto 'Big Picture' to the acerbic 'Slave to My Dick' (as ubiquitous a Canadian punk standard as their 'Fuck You'), the three originals, gruff-voiced singer Brian 'Wimpy Roy' Goble, scorching guitarist Mike Graham, and thumpin' bassist Gerry 'Useless' Hannah, along with drummer Jon Card (a contemporary from Personality Crisis and SNFU, later D.O.A. and briefly NoMeansNo) tear into Incorrect's 14 tunes with ticked-off conviction that suggests frustrated anger spilled into the recordings with producer Jesse Gonder--much as fed-up punk-era distaste (see 'New Order' and 'Model of Stupidity') fueled the Dick Drake-engineered original. 1980 drummer Jim Imagawa had a more fluid style than Card's, but Card hits harder so that's a fresh dimension. And add the searing unknown songs- Hannah's 'Twenty-First Century' and 'I Gotta Move' particularly smoke!- and Same Thoughts becomes a must even for those who own Incorrect Thoughts. Don't doubt it-try it.
-Big Take Over

"This is the SUBHUMANS incredible first album Incorrect Thoughts that originally came out on Friends Records in 1980. There is one major difference, the album has been re-recorded with today's line up. Normally this isn't a good thing.. This release is the exception. The SUBHUMANS have bolstered their current line up with Jon Card who was the incredible drummer for SNFU and PERSONALITY CRISIS. This release proves that the current line up can pound out their classic punk songs just as well as the original line up could. I would hope so given that three of the four original members are in the band. Well there has been almost thirty years since these songs were written so the rockin' ability may be called into question. I am here to report that the current line p can play the 'Big Picture' just as good as the day it was written. And 'Slave To My Dick' sounds even heavier than the original. So why re-record this classic? Was it just to take a second stab at these songs in the studio[?] If that was the case t was worth it. But sadly it was more because a label known as CD Presents put out the album too and is making it legally impossible for the band to re-release. This is the label responsible for the 'Rat Music for Rat People' comps and I guess the dicks running the label resemble the rodentia they pay tribute to. The label didn't have permission to release the record, to re-mix it or to change the cover artwork. So instead of making some lawyers rich the band went into the studio and re-recorded the album. And to entice you further the band gives us a second LP's worth of stuff. Material from that era. They re-recorded two songs that appeared on the little known 'Vancouver Independence' comp and four additional songs that were written back in the day, but have never before been recorded. An added bonus if you buy the vinyl [is that] you get a card for a digital download. My brother owns a copy of the original and I haven't heard it since he moved away. But this re-recording makes it worth missing out on all those years. 'Firing Squad' sounds as great as the day it was first pressed back in 1980. 'Death to the Sickoids', 'Big Picture', 'Let's Go Down to Hollywood', they are all here. The songs are in a different order, but I am betting you won't notice. The same message laden, hard rock infused punk that we love the band for fills out these grooves."
- Equalizing Distort



1. "Big Picture" (2:12)
2. "Dead at Birth" (3:02)
3. "Firing Squad" (3:11)
4. "Urban Guerrillas" (3:05)
5. "The Scheme" (3:07)
6. "War in the Head" (3:11)
7. "Model of Stupidity" (2:37)
8. "Death to the Sickoids" (1:49)
9. "New Order" (2:55)
10. "Slave to My Dick" (2:44)
11. "Refugee" (3:34)
12. "Greaser Boy" (3:14)
13. "Let's Go Down to Hollywood" (4:12)
14. "I Gotta Move" (2:26)
15. "Out of Place" (1:56)
16. "Escalator to Hell" (3:01)
17. "Out of Line" (1:36)
18. "Behind the Smile" (3:00)
19. "Twenty-First Century" (1:56)
20. "We're Alive" (1:27)

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