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Never Rest In Peace
virus410 (2009) CD - $0.00

Stellar 2nd record and Alternative Tentacles debut from this smoking-hot supergroup featuring Sturg (Stza) Crack (Leftover Crack, Choking Victim) and Frank Piegaro (Degenerics) along with Nico de Gallo (Casa de Chihuahua). Star Fucking Hipsters returns for a much fiercer second round of sonic glory! Members from Ensign, Big Attack!, Awkward Thought, and Aloke are along for the ride as well.

STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS' 2nd record "Never Rest In Peace" is even crustier than before, combining melodic punk and metal with the token ska tune (featuring Citizen Fish & Subhumans (U.K.) members). They've clearly grown from their first album, 2008's excellent Fat Wreck Chords release "Until We're Dead".

"Never Rest In Peace" is the result of a year of star fucking live shows, writing, and off-the-map creativity from central STAR FUCKING HIPSTER Sturg - these tunes showcase his rock-solid songwriting and a sharper edge, with a couple of songs that border on crust-core-style metal.

Recorded off the clock and in record time by up and coming production wizard Ryan D. Jones in NYC (almost entirely in the band members' bedrooms at the world famous C-Squat on the Lower East Side), and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Beastie Boys, Metallica, Ramones, Rancid, Nirvana, Slayer), the 13 songs on "Never Rest In Peace" leap out of the stereo and club your not-so-friendly neighborhood cop with blunt songs of rebellion and revolution. This is the best sounding record Stza's done since Choking Victim's classic "No Gods/No Managers."

In addition to the punk-as-fuck songwriting chops, SFH's new record includes cameos from Dick Lucas (Subhumans [U.K.], Citizen Fish, Culture Shock), Jasper Pattison (Citizen Fish, Culture Shock), and Bryan Kienlen (Bouncing Souls). It includes art by famed DIY artists Fly ("PEOPs," Dog Dayz) and Paul Barron. SFH have toured the U.S. and U.K., including the upcoming November 2009 West Coast Tour with Citizen Fish that will include Alternative Tentacles 30th Anniversary Festival. 2010 promises much more of the same from these star fucking road-warriors.

One anthem after another with dueling male-female vocals, "Never Rest In Peace" is arguably Sturg's most heartfelt & emotional album to date!

The CD is a digipack, while the LP comes with a free mp3 download card. Available on iTunes now!

"Even without excessive hyperbole, there are a few ways that parallels can be drawn between Choking Victim and Wu-Tang Clan. Superficially, they both emerged from the NYC area in the 1990s, and musically, they separately created styles that would be as influential in sound as in imagery and subject matter. But whether it's the hardcore Kung Fu hip-hop of RZA and company or the Crack Rock Steady of Stza and associates, both acts' members would go on to spawn a virtual franchise of additional projects and offshoots built on the success of their full-length debut. While Enter the 36 Chambers was followed by such offspring as Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..., Tical, and Liquid Swords, what followed No Gods, No Managers and the break-up of Choking Victim saw the eventual formation of a multitude of projects including, but not limited to, Leftover Crack, InDK, Crack Rock Steady 7, Public Serpents, Morning Glory, Piss Shit Fuck, American Distress and our subject here, the Star Fucking Hipsters.
When Stza put word out a few years back that the band was forming, finding a female vocalist was a necessity; Crass' Penis Envy was a stated benchmark and they needed an Eve Libertine-type to serve as an equally ferocious frontwoman. Coincidentally, they almost could have mentioned the Velvet Underground as a basis for comparison, as Star Fucking Hipsters would eventually find their female counterpart in Nico (de Gaillo) who shares vocal duties with Stza in the same way Lou Reed and Christa Päffgen collaborated on The Velvet Underground and Nico.
Never Rest in Peace follows Until We're Dead in similar fashion, with short crusty punk numbers, Crack Rock Steady ska tunes, a spattering of raw pop-punk and thrashy metallic jams. "3000 Miles Away" gets the disc going after the 16-second opener with catchy vocals and a comfortable chord pattern, brought to a head with the epic climax that kicks in three-quarters of the way through with the gang shouting "L-I-V-E against brutality!" Nico and Stza toggle back and forth with an unorthodox melody on "Design" while Dick Lucas of the Subhumans / Citizen Fish helps out on the ska-punk "The Civilization Show." The feedback-heavy "Dreams Are Dead" rings slow and steady, a touch reminiscent of LoC's "Ya Can't Go Home" while the poppy fist-pumper "Severance Pay" evokes friendly memories of "Burn Them Prisons."
The band polishes their metal chops on the slightly goofy "S.F.H." and the more incisive pro-Native rallying cry "Banned from the Land." The group sounds a little tired creatively on the generic anti-religious "Heaven" and presumptuously Roman Catholic-sounding "Church and Rape," which is actually a pro-choice song that would be more effectively aimed at the post-Reagan conservative movement. The album closes out on a high note, however, with the title track (labeled as "You'll Never Rest in Piece" in the booklet) clocking in at a well-used four-and-a-half minutes that seems to cover the entire Star Fucking Hipsters philosophy as Stza testifies "These ghosts will lead the way / Until your dying day / Unstitch the seams in your American dreams / From Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib."
Featuring cameos from past and present members of the Bouncing Souls, Subhumans, Zero Content, Awkward Thought, Citizen Fish and a host of other formidable acts in punk rock, the Star Fucking Hipsters don't disappoint on Never Rest in Peace. It may not be Fuck World Trade...Pt. II, but it certainly carries on in its tradition."

"Despite a potentially deal-breaker name, Star Fucking Hipsters are one of the sickest acts to emerge from the Bay Area's Alternative Tentacles imprint in quite some time. Featuring members of Leftover Crack and Ensign (weird), and guests from bands like Bouncing Souls, Citizen Fish and The Degenerics to name a few, the band's newest long-player Never Rest In Peace is as tricky as its contributors' respective histories. Long and short, SFH cranks out heavy as fuck pop-punk with a distinctive metal, and even crust-esque influence. "Severance Pay" is one of the album's most stand-out tracks. Fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves, Lifetime, Nausea and Strike Anywhere, take a long note."
- Chronic Youth

"On the one hand, you could say that the Star Fucking Hipsters don't know what they want to sound like on their sophomore album, "Never Rest In Peace." During the course of the album, the band's sound varies from track to track: melodic and poppy punk, raging ska, brutal metal. On the other hand, you could also say that the band is simply being true to themselves. Led by Sturg "Stza" Crack (Leftöver Crack, Choking Victim) the band's members have quite a diverse range of experience in the alternative scenes.
Star Fucking Hipsters tackle a range of social and political issues on "Never Rest In Peace" and they do so head on. Opening track "3000 Miles Away" might sound sweet thanks to vocalist Nico de Gallo but she's actually sticking it to the government while the quick-moving reggae/ska call to arms of "The Civilization Show" jumps out as startlingly different than the rest of the tracks on the album. The "Dreams Are Dead" is a slow, noisy free-fall like Jane's Addiction's "Mountain Song" while the squealing metal guitar riffs of "S.F.H. Theme" help to build the intensity as they announce that "tortured death is the new disease."
Musically, the contrast of hard and soft that plays throughout "Never Rest In Peace" keeps things interesting. As does the band's genre jumping sound. Star Fucking Hipsters' "Never Rest In Peace" is hard-hitting both musically and lyrically. There seems to be little (or nothing at all) holding the band back as they assault the listener. But while the band isn't declaring war against the listener, they aren't exactly declaring peace, either."
- Plugin Music



1. "Vol. II" (0:15)
2. "3000 Miles Away" (3:04)
3. "Look Who's Talking Now!" (2:37)
4. "Design" (1:41)
5. "Church And Rape" (3:03)
6. "The Civilization Show" (2:45)
7. "Allergic To Peoples" (0:27)
8. "Dreams Are Dead" (2:53)
9. "Heaven" (2:26)
10. "Banned From The Land" (1:21)
11. "Severance Pay" (2:07)
12. "S.F.H Theme" (2:38)
13. "Never Rest In Peace" (4:37)

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