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virus398 WITCH HUNT
Burning Bridges To Nowhere
virus398 (2009) CD - $12.00 | LP - $12.00
Philadelphia's Witch Hunt have joined the ranks of the Bat and offered up their 3rd & finest full-length yet! Formed in 2001 as a New Jersey trio, Witch Hunt soon moved their brand of aggressive punk to Philadelphia where they expanded their lineup to a four-piece and continued to evolve their sound as abilities caught up to ideas. That evolution is evident in their AT debut, Burning Bridges to Nowhere, which blends the primal rage of hardcore, the melodic-sense of Husker Du, and the moodiness of UK peace-punk into an album that will leave genre-purists scratching their heads and (hopefully) have ALL fans of hardcore-punk walking and/or rocking together a little more often!

Fans of AT's BlackNoise imprint and groups like I OBJECT and NAUSEA and even DISASTER STRIKES will love this, but anyone into melodic punk with screaming female vocals will also dig this! The LP has an insert & a printed inside dust jacket, and the CD is a handsome multipanel digipack!

Check out their awesome discography too: The This Is Only The Beginning CD, the out-of-print Profane Existence version of their debut ...As Priorities Decay LP, the EPs & Crucual Chaos Radio Session CD, & their 2nd full-length Blood-Red States!

"Witch Hunt helps to announce a renaissance for Alternative Tentacles in my eyes.  Male/female vocals soar over violent, at times even grind core style playing. The call and response vocals on the opening "Blind Eyes Blind Lives" introduce a series of skillfully delivered punk, overflowing with raw emotion and intense playing.  The intelligent lyrics (see specifically "Counting Down the Days", "Silence" and "Treadmill March") and crushing grooves (every song) which dominate the record separates Witch Hunt from lesser competitors.  "Septa Death" and "Sick Industry" are two more fast-paced, flesh tearing anthems that are perfectly juxtaposed with the sludgy "Void" and the Zen Arcade style of "A Slow Decay".  The diversity of the playing keeps this continuously interesting as the band seems to reinvent itself with each passing track.  Janine and Nicole Enriquez share vocal responsibilities with Rob Fitzpatrick and each bring a unique style and level of intensity.  There are moments of warm harmony, such as "Everyday" and "Plastic Dream", which fight to exist within the waves of aggression. This is a great release."
- Jersey Beat

"I dig Witch Hunt, and Burning Bridges to Nowhere is exactly why. Bridging the gap between crust punk and early pop-punk (think Husker Du, not NOFX) immediately seems like a treacherous path to take, but Witch Hunt somehow manage to do that without becoming a laughingstock. Moving easily from medium-paced sing-alongs ('Everyday') to screamy punk anthems ('Counting Down The Days'), Witch Hunt take everything that is now, and was once, awesome about punk rock and make it, well, awesome again. Crusties, spange the 11 bucks or so & buy this fucker!"
- Slug Magazine

"Het Alternative Tentacles label van Jello Biafra heeft nogal de neiging om politiek correcte platen uit te brengen. Platen waarvan de politieke boodschap vaak belangrijker lijkt dan de muziek. Gevolg: een steeds groter wordende stapel platen die nauwelijks door te komen is. Al lijkt het de laatste tijd weer de goede kant op te gaan met minder release waarbij de nadruk ligt op de politiek. Een onbewust Obama-effect wellicht? Want tussen al het politiek correcte spul zit tegenwoordig steeds vaker een plaat waarvan de boodschap ok is, maar ook muzikaal gezien interessant is. Het uit Philidelphia afkomstige anarchogezelschap dat zich Witch Hunt noemt heeft met Burning Bridges To Nowhere een ruwe punkplaat gemaakt. Mannelijke zang wordt zo nu en dan afgewisseld door vrouwelijke zang, wat duidelijk een toegevoegde waarde is. Witch Hunt weet een mooi evenwicht te vinden tussen de hedendaagse hardcore en punk uit de jaren '70. Voor een anarchoband speelt Witch Hunt best strak en is er ook kwa tempo ruim voldoende afwisseling. Jello Biafra heeft er goed aangedaan om deze plaat op zijn label uit te brengen."
- Sonic Rendevous

"Solid, driving, rockin' melodic hardcore often with dual female & male vocals from Philly. Lots of good bass, guitar lines & plenty of insightful lyrics. Very diverse sound from a variety of punk, hardcore and heavy rock. A mix of Signal Lost, Nausea (NYC), Spitboy, Fugazi & I Object!"
- KZSU Zookeeper



1. "Blind Eyes Blind Lives" (2:52)
2. "Everyday" (2:42)
3. "Counting Down the Days" (2:46)
4. "Septa Death" (1:54)
5. "Silence" (3:16)
6. "Void" (3:53)
7. "Sick Industry" (2:25)
8. "A Slow Decay" (3:01)
9. "Plastic Dream" (3:29)
10. "Reflections" (2:32)
11. "Treadmill March" (2:44)
12. "Burning Bridges To Nowhere" (4:01)

Witch Hunt

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