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That's So Gay
virus395 (2009) CD - $12.00
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Pansy Division's 1st album in 6 years has their patented mix of fun & serious songs revolving around- but not limited to- their sexuality- but you already know that because of Pansy Division's status as co-founders of the Queercore music scene! Melodic pop punk with tinges of rock are the burrito beneath the hot sauce of the clever spicy lyrics!

Straight member (heh) Joel Reader contributes a tune, and co-founders Jon Ginoli & Chris Freeman add their songwriting genius to these tales of infatuation, homoerotic athletic traditions, male prostitution, fighting words, and their newest theme song, "20 Years of Cock (And I'm Never Gonna Stop)!"

It also features Jello Biafra on "Average Men," which is also available on the new 7"! That's So Gay is fun, thoughtful, funny, serious, and rocks from end to end! Don't forget to check out co-founder Jon Ginoli's New Book and the Pansy Division documentary DVD!

"Powerpop (a la CHEAP TRICK, THE TUBES, THE CARS), Poppunkrock (THE UNDERTONES) and 70s Glamrock (NEW YORK DOLLS) are mixed by the band PANSY DIVISION. 'That's so gay' is the band's first new album in six years and features 14 catchy little uptempo rockers that combine the best of mentioned bands. The song "Average men" also features JELLO BIAFRA of DEAD KENNEDYS and is what one would expect a typical Punkrocksong like DEAD KENNEDYS once did. However most of the material goes into the direction of THE UNDERTONES, THE BUZZCOCKS.... with a big Powerpoprock approach, such as can be heard on the highlights "Twinkie Twinkie Little Star", "Ride Baby" and "Some of my best friends", but actually all the included songs are very catchy and highly recommended to fans of CHEAP TRICK, THE CARS, THE UNDERTONES and THE TUBES."
- Sonic Rendevous

"In the six years since Pansy Division last released a new album, it's gotten a lot harder to shock mainstream America by simply throwing around the word "homosexual." Gay marriage is legal in several states, and from Clay Akin to Ellen DeGeneres, to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy's massive makeover of cable TV (thrusting gays into the spotlight on dozens of style, cooking, and reality-TV shows,) the battle lines in the fight for gay rights have definitely been redrawn. So while Pansy Division will still titillate (and attempt to shock) you with bawdy songs about hot sex and lusty looks ("Twinkie Twinkie Little Star," "Ride Baby," "Dirty Young Man,") nearly half of That's So Gay confronts the more subtle issue of institutionalized homophobia. The title song cheekily calls out anyone who tosses the word "gay" around pejoratively, a hilarious duet with Jello Biafra savagely lampoons the world view of "Average Men," and the newest (and straight) member of PD, ex-MTX and Plus Ones guitarist Joel Reader, gets his own song that trumpets his intolerance for the casual homophobia expressed by "Some Of My Best Friends." Don't worry, there are still enough cocks, call boys, and cruising in the lyrics to raise a few eyebrows, but as always, Pansy Division couches its political agenda with the wit, hooks, and ultra-catchy melodies that have always earned the band a place in the Pop-Punk Pantheon. Reader's guitar really enhances the band's trademark three-chord pop-punk chordage, too. PD's unrelenting sense of humor keeps any of this from sounding too preachy, although that will probably be the knock against this album. But let's face it: 15 years ago, just being a gay punk band was the message. Today, Jon, Chris, Luis, and Joel need to be a little more in-your-face, or they risk becoming queer minstrels who just reinforce rather than challenge gay stereotypes. With That's So Gay, they entertain, and inform. That's so cool. And important."
- Jersey Beat

"Pansy Division, which helped inaugurate the "queercore" offshoot of San Francisco's early-nineties punk scene, has recently reunited, and has evolved significantly. The group's new record, "That's So Gay," balances the tongue-in-cheek impudence of its initial efforts with ample emotional introspection, something that's absent from much of contemporary pop-punk."
- New Yorker



1. "Twinkie Twinkie Little Star" (2:14)
2. "Average Men" (3:21)
3. "Ride Baby" (3:22)
4. "Some of My best Friends" (3:38)
5. "That's So Gay" (2:28)
6. "Obsessed With Me" (1:55)
7. "20 Years of Cock" (1:40)
8. "What's In It for Me" (3:23)
9. "You'll See them Again" (2:28)
10. "Dirty Young Man" (2:40)
11. "It's Just a job" (3:10)
12. "Pat Me On The Ass" (1:43)
13. "Never You Mind" (2:29)
14. "Life Lovers" (3:04)

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